YouTube Videos Make Great Blog Posts & Have Your Virtual Assistant Post It!

Did you know you can use the transcription of your video as a great blog post to help drive traffic to your website?

Hi, I’m Jeanie Wilson with Six Figure Business Coaching. And today I’m going to show you exactly how to do that.

Because as you know, if you have a website that Google wants to see that your website is growing and evolving and changing, and the more blogs you have on it, the more pages you have on it, the more pages you have, the more keywords you have on it.

What it does is, it helps give Google more opportunity to find you, for us, our clients are seeing their web traffic increase when they’re consistently using their videos as blog posts

And remember, this isn’t something that you necessarily have to do, you can also have your virtual assistant take care of this for you.

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Choose your Video that will be used as a Blog Post

On the right side of the video, click on the menu and you get an open transcript. So over here, it shows us exactly what the transcript is, which is fantastic.

So the first thing that we’ll want to do is to get our cursor in here and start copying a whole blogpost, okay, then we’re going to right click, and go copy. And then we’re going to have it open a text document and go Command C, Command V. And we’ve got no transcription of our blogpost. So from this point, you just need to format this so that you can copy this and paste it into your WordPress website.


So it’s also a good opportunity that I would have your virtual assistant for sure, go ahead and take care of this, because a lot of this is just backspacing to get rid of some of the returns that are in here and adding some paragraphs. 

So here we are in the backend of our website. And what you can do here is either just

click add new, this can be a blog post, I’ve already set this up, I’m gonna show you what I did. So if you have an editor like this, then you could then you will want to put the title the video up here. And then when you have your text in the format that you want, you can just go ahead here and click on paste and paste the entire text, then you can go back and do some editing, I’ll show you what to do. So this would be the text that you would be pasting in there. So, but what I do then after that, again, is copy the title and put it at the top. Now that depends a little bit on how your theme is set up. But that’s generally what I do.

We’re going to click text. So this is going to show us some of the HTML tagging. It kind of shows you a little bit behind the scenes. So don’t panic if you’ve not seen this before. It’s not nothing to worry about. So what you can see here is these h1 tags mean if you remember we converted this title into a heading one. That’s exactly what those are so there’s an open h1 and a closeh1.

So that tells the computer how it wants the title to look. So all we’re going to do is click a couple returns. And then we’re going to go Command V to paste our frame. Now, here’s where the magic happens, you go back to visual, and there is the video. 

Now,  if you wanted to check, you can click over here on preview changes, just to make sure it’s showing up as it should. And the lovely thing about embedding it is when you click on Play, we all live, it’s going to play right here, right here in your blog post, which is fantastic. So it means people aren’t leaving your blog posts to go to YouTube to see your video. So we love that. 

So anytime you’re here and you’re going through your text, and you see the word subscribe, you can go ahead and highlight it and then click up here. And you can even highlight actually subscribe to our channel and group here and insert your channel address. And then you hit Apply. 

But Don’t forget to take the second step, which is to edit it, go to link options and click on opening a new tab. So what this does is when you preview the changes, so we can see right here, this is a different color, it’s purple. When I click on it, it opens it in a new tab, instead of taking people from your blogpost right to your YouTube channel, it opens up a new tab, which means once they’re done watching you videos on your YouTube channel, when they close this, they’re still going to be on your website. And that’s what we want to happen, that’s really important. Again, we would probably take off this ring the bell. Another nice thing that you can do here is to insert a nice big icon or image that says, you know, click here to subscribe to our YouTube channel. 

In all we did here was to put our cursor over here we clicked Add Media. If you don’t already have it, you can upload it. But we did already have it, click here, then you want to make sure that you link it to a custom URL, which is going to be And then we’re going to insert it.

So now we’ve inserted it. And we want to go back to editing. And make sure we click on that, open a new tab and update that. So the other thing that you’ll want to do when you go back and look at the text, when you do your formatting is definitely put on some nice sub headers. So you can see that, um, I labeled dissection Trello. And I changed it to a header too. 


So it’s a little smaller than the title at the top. But it’s still breaking up the text. Because if you look at this video and all of the text, it’s really a lot, a lot of text. So we broke it up with subheadings. 

And we also broke it up with some nice screenshots. And even these images are linked to the appropriate website so that people can go to those websites and see any information that they want. So another nice thing to add to your blog post are images. So I already showed you how to add the image. And we just added the YouTube subscribe to our YouTube channel image. But we can also add images from the video itself. 

Okay, so once you’re done with all of your editing, in our case, right here, it says update, but you’re gonna clicks published. Ours right here says it’s already published, because it is, however, one of the really nice things about WordPress, you can set this up and then publish it, have it show up on your website whenever you choose to. So we talked about how the first 24hours after your video grows up is really, really important to get out there and market it. That would probably be really smart. But if you also wanted to get some traction on your video, say a few days later, or a week later, you could have this published on your website a little bit later. So once I turned this into a draft, now you can see I can go down here and pick a date when I wanted to publish this one

I’m just going to hit . So it’s going to come back to our website. And this will render on your website differently depending on how your theme is set up. 

For ours, it shows up, you know, in the list of our blog posts, and down here on the right hand column, we have what’s called a featured image. So we upload our thumbnail there, and then that shows up on our blog page, so right there, and we could change that to a square. But I kind of like it like that, because I feel like it brings a little bit of curiosity to it. So people want to click on it and see the full picture. 

That’s how you can use a transcription from your video and create a blog post. 

And again, don’t forget that you can get your virtual assistant to take care of this and more

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And until I see you again. Dream Big