Write Reviews to Support Small Business in 2020


In these uncertain times the smallest act of kindness can make the biggest impact. We like to challenge everyone to write five or more reviews for local businesses. Think about it, who’s had a big impact on your life. Maybe it’s your favorite restaurant for birthday dinners. Maybe it’s the interior designer that made your house look amazing. Maybe it’s the guy that comes and cuts your grass every week. These small business owners are stuck at home with the rest of us, but they’re worried. They’re worried whether they will or will not have a business and we all know some businesses won’t make it but if you write reviews for them, i’m going to explain to you the three ways that those reviews will have an impact in their lives now. 


Okay. So the first way reviews help small businesses, is it helps with their seo it helps google find them. So for every review that they get when google is searching for a restaurant because someone asked for a local restaurant when google sees reviews they wait those in about 10% from what i understand, so it’s going to help your local restaurant get found. 


The second thing is a review gives a business credibility. So when someone’s looking up, let’s say a local restaurant and they see lots and lots of great reviews. They’re more likely to go to that restaurant rather than a restaurant that doesn’t have as many reviews.So that’s how you’re impacting their business. you’re helping other people choose that business because of the reviews.


Now the third way, the reviews are going to help now is it’s going to mean a lot to these business owners when you start writing to them about how much you know you love having birthday dinners or how much you how many compliments you get on your home after that interior designer did the work, you know, when you start complimenting these business owners it is going to mean everything to them. It’s going to give them hope it may help them come up with creative and innovative ideas to stay afloat. 


So these are acts of kindness simply writing a yelp review or a google review for your favorite real estate agent a zilla review facebook reviews. So we like to challenge everyone to write five or more reviews and use the hashtag review local and hashtag support local. So when you write your reviews, please use those hashtags, and please share this video with everyone, you know, we want to make sure that as many people out there are writing reviews and making these business owners feel happy and appreciated and hopeful and by the way, i’m kirsten with six-figure business coaching. 

Thanks for sharing this video and thanks for writing reviews.

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