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Social Media Marketing & Email Marketing Business


Do you love all things related to social media? Do you enjoy helping other people? Have you considered starting a business doing social media marketing

In this video, we’re going to talk about ways you can get started, I’m going to share some stories with you about what my clients are currently doing and what they’re charging, as well as share some resources with you that you can use today. This channel is dedicated to helping women start and build successful businesses. So please subscribe to our Six Figure Business Coaching youtube channel. Subscribe to our youtube channel

So before I jump into telling you some stories about our clients and what they have going on, I want to cover two questions. What is social media marketing? And what is email marketing? 

First of all, we all love social media, there’s Facebook, there’s LinkedIn, there’s Instagram, there’s YouTube, you’re watching us on YouTube right now. And businesses can use these platforms to really grow and build their following and ultimately get clients. So that’s why social media marketing is so important. 

Now, email marketing has One of the highest returns of all marketing out there. And we firmly believe that all businesses should build an email marketing list and consistently use email marketing to talk to their clients. So let’s jump in and learn about what some other people are doing. And maybe that will give you some ideas of what you can do as well. So there are three different ways you can kind of be a social media marketer

The first way is you can act as a freelancer and as a freelancer, you could offer again, whatever services you choose to offer.

The next way is how to business as a virtual assistant. A lot of virtual assistants do social media management and email marketing

The third way is you can call yourself a social media marketer

So those are three titles that we see that all cover social media marketing, and it’s really up to you which title you choose to use.

Do you want to be a freelancer, you know, virtual assistant, or title yourself as a social media marketer. There’s no right or wrong way. It’s just whatever feels best for you. In fact, in the comments below Let me know which one you like better which one you’re considering for your business

So, no matter what you decide to call yourself, one of the things you’ll want to consider doing is getting a niche finding on a specific industry or area to do your business. And I’m going to give you some examples of that. 

Social Media Marketing

Social Media MarketerFirst of all, we had a young woman who worked as a receptionist at a chiropractor’s office. And eventually she started doing their social media marketing and their email marketing. And she did a fantastic job. She was really good at it and she loved it. Eventually, a business coach who was working with the chiropractor, asked her if she’d be willing to help some other clients of his and she said, yes, it didn’t take long before she turned that into a full time business. It was training a receptionist to take her place. So she actually has a niche of chiropractors. She’s doing social media marketing and email marketing for chiropractors all over the country at this point, and she charges generally somewhere between $500 and $1500 not counting ad spend because she has started running some ads for them as well as doing this Post interacting with comments and getting their email marketing out each month. 

So that’s a great example of a fantastic niche. You could go into a specific industry now another one of our clients started off doing social media management. She was doing Facebook and Instagram for clients, as well as email marketing. She eventually phased out of doing social media marketing and just doing email marketing. She really enjoyed helping her clients find articles and write articles for their email marketing. And she just found it was quick and easy for her. She’s a mom of four, and she charges $200 a month to do a newsletter for her clients. And right now she has 10 clients. 

So her gross revenue is $2,000 a month. And again, she’s doing this part time while she has her kids at home. So she started off doing social media marketing and email marketing, and eventually just phase down to email marketing because it’s what she enjoyed the most. And what she found was really helping her clients the most

So in that case, she didn’t have a specific industry like a chiropractor. She just ended up narrowing down the services that she offered. Just to email marketing, and that kind of became her niche

Now this next one I find very fascinating and very interesting and super smart. So we had a woman who was in a bi group and in d&i groups, which is business, networking International, a lot of times they form what’s called power teams. And a Power Team is say a real estate agent, a loan officer, a title company, maybe a contractor, a window person, a floor person, so people who revolve around the housing industry. And what she ended up doing was finding a way to do the email marketing and social media marketing for this power team. And it was awesome because what happens is each month are six of them in the group, I think so yeah, six total. 

And so each month, they feature one of the other businesses. For example, if I’m a real estate agent, I may feature the lender this month, and the next month I  may feature the contractor and the following month, I may feature you know, the floor person, but what happens is every year each business is featured twice in everyone else’s each Email Marketing. And they also do cross marketing and their Facebook and Instagram

Interesting Niche

So these people have found a way to promote each other because they’re all working with local clients. They’re all working togetherSocial Media Marketing & Email Marketing Business collaboratively to market to each other’s email lists, and each other’s Facebook and Instagram people. And that’s just a really smart way to do this. And what happened was, this social media marketer ended up introducing this concept to them. It took a little while to get them to buy in, but they did. And they’ve had great results. And they love collaborating, they love the collaboration of helping each other with their marketing. And it’s turned out to be a really fantastic niece for her. And now she’s going to different bi groups and helping them set up their marketing for their little power teams. So that’s a very interesting niche

We also work with a woman who retired from corporate America, and she loved LinkedIn because LinkedIn is very much business to business. And she built her entire social media marketing business around LinkedIn. So she does the post for her clients. She reaches out and does messaging to get people to book appointments with her clients. She also does LinkedIn ads. So she’s a LinkedIn ads specialist at this point. So her nice was LinkedIn. So like I said, before you can really decide on the niche can be an industry. It can be one particular part of social media or email marketing. But sometimes it makes it a lot easier if you pick a niche, because it’s really hard to market to everyone

So the people that we see who do really well, one, they’re working in a platform that they love. Social media is always evolving, so you’re always going to be learning new things. So as you can see, a niche can be an industry like chiropractors, or it can be just narrowing down what you offer to just offer something like LinkedIn or email marketing. There are many ways to grow your business, and there’s no right way or wrong way. Just make sure you’re passionate about what you do. 

You’re constantly learning because social media is ever changing. And make sure that your marketing message is speaking to your ideal client.

Now we’re going to talk about about pricing, you can charge hourly, we do not recommend this to any of our clients, because we find is one of the hardest ways to price your services. As a marketer, we really recommend that you do project marketing.

So for example, if you’re doing Facebook posts for a client, let’s say you’re doing five posts a week, and you’re doing an email newsletter for them, you will price that as a package price. If you’re offering four emails a month for a client and doing their Instagram, that will be a different price. The pricing things as packages is the easiest way to go and have a lot of videos to talk about how to get your clients to pay upfront. And so I’ll tag those below. 

Make sure you watch those because it’s a great way to get people to pay you consistently automatically when you offer packages and you’re doing the same thing for them month after month. 

The next thing I want to talk about are projects. Let’s say you have a client and you do their email marketing, but they say you have a client and you do their email marketing, but they their Instagram marketing. Will the project work will be the cost to set Got the account and maybe come up with a strategy. So that will be a one time fee, then you would go ahead and have a package for them, you know, are you going to post once a week on Instagram for them once a day, twice a day, and then that would go on your automatic billing

So that’s how I handle project work is something that you do one time, and you just build them for that one task. With everything else, we really recommend that you use package pricing. And just be careful clients can sometimes ask you to add on services. And if they do that, sometimes they think you’re just going to do it out of the goodness of your heart and not actually add on to the price. Make sure you send them a proposal to add on additional services so that they’ll understand what their new monthly fee will be. 

I hope this video has given you some great ideas as far as how you want to start your business, what services you want to offer. And maybe you think about what kind of niche you want to be in. But I told you I was going to help you get your first client and I am your first client needs to be you. If you plan on building a business. It’s really important that you create a brand That is going to speak to your target market, and that you really showcase what you can do.

So if you’re going to do Instagram, build your Instagram account, if you’re going to do YouTube, build your YouTube channel, make sure you’re putting your best foot forward with your own marketing. Because when you start doing your own marketing, you’re going to learn a lot, you’re going to get new skills, and you’re going to have something to show potential clients, you’re also going to have a great way to speak directly to your target market. By building your marketing and your branding around who you want to serve. We put together a fabulous list of resources for you to use. Some of these are free, and some of them are paid. But there are amazing things in there that will help you build your business and help you build your brand

If you would like to get the list of resources please look in the description below for the link. If you found this video helpful, please give us a thumbs up. Make sure to subscribe to our channel.

So until I see you again, dream big!