Why a Marketing VA should be a Real Estate Agents’ first hire

A marketing virtual assistant can help grow your brand, or market your listings and help generate leads for your business.

This will free you up to close more deals, you can hire a full time Marketing VA for around $400 a month, making this a very smart first hire. 

In this blog, I’m going to talk about all the tasks your Marketing VA can do to help you grow your business. 

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Hi, I’m Kirsten Graham, I’m with Six Figure Business Coaching and we have a proven system for hiring, training and managing virtual assistants.

Listen to what Erica has to say she’s a real estate agent in Venice, Florida.

“I love my virtual assistant. When Kirsten first brought up the idea I was so overwhelmed. I was like, ‘Yeah, that’s funny. That’s a good idea. But yeah, that’s funny.’ But no, she was serious. And she sort of held my hand a little bit. But then she threw me off the deep end. But guess what, I survived and it’s been fantastic.”

So let’s talk about how Marketing Virtual Assistants can help you build your brand on social media platforms. 



As a real estate agent, you have so much amazing content you can share on YouTube. And the best thing is YouTube is a search engine. So it allows people to find you, which is phenomenal. 

Think about it, free SEO, for example. So then in Georgia, you can talk about neighborhoods in your area. You can talk about activities in Savannah, Georgia, you can talk about the weather, you can even do something like the pros and cons of living in Savannah, Georgia. Another thing you can do are interviews. 

Let’s say a new subdivision is being built in your area, you can interview the builder, you can talk about the lot, the types of houses that are being built, and all of the amenities that community will carry. You can also interview appraisers and home inspectors.

These topics are interesting to first time home buyers because they are very easy to make keywords rich. 

Now let’s talk about all the things Marketing Virtual Assistants can do for your YouTube. 

1. They can do your keyword research.

2. They can write your title, and they can find all 30 tags.

3. They can even write your description, allowing you to simply record the video.

4. They can edit the video, they can create the transcription.

5. They could upload the video and schedule it on YouTube.

6. They can use that content to help you market across multiple platforms.

And just think about that if you’re busy or you’re new to real estate, you imagine what it’d be like to create a video each week talking about the area you live in the neighborhoods and what’s happening in those areas.

And what if it only took you about 30 minutes a week, because your virtual assistant took care of all of the busy work. because let me tell you keyword research and tags and description, those things take a lot of time, as well as editing and uploading the videos. So if you’re not on YouTube, yet, hopefully this will inspire you to start a channel



Now let’s talk about Facebook. Facebook doesn’t really have a whole lot of organic reach anymore, it’s become more of a pay to play kind of place where your marketing virtual assistant can help you post on Facebook, they can help you boost those posts, and they can help you create amazing ads for Facebook and track your results. 

It’s really important to know that data, and this is something your marketing virtual assistant can do. 



Instagram is a great place for agents. And it’s a great place where behind the scenes, this is maybe you in an open house, or just finishing up closing. 

These are great on the spot stories and posts. But you still want to provide added value content.

And this is where your virtual assistant can come in

They could actually create amazing quote cards, quoting you from your videos. So giving you valuable and original content on Instagram.



LinkedIn has untapped potential, because most people still see it as like a resume platform, just a place for corporate folks. And that’s absolutely not true. It’s a social platform

Your marketing virtual assistant can help you show up consistently on LinkedIn with great posts and content so people will see you as the expert in your area. So I guess you get the point your virtual assistant can help you across all social media platforms, old and new

Let’s face it, it seems like a new platform coming out every other week. So it’s great that your virtual assistant can be there to help you determine if new platforms are right for you, and get a head start on your competition. 

So let’s talk about how marketing virtual assistants can help you with your listings. 


How can they build your Real Estate Business?

In this day and age. You’re most likely doing video tours, your virtual assistant can edit things for you and add graphics and all of your information. If for some reason you’re not video on the property, your virtual assistant can take photos and turn that into an amazing video for social media and email marketing. 


They can post your listing on all of your platforms. They can also create very interesting graphics and designs to really help it stand out. 

They can create flyers for your open house, they can also help you create and manage your Facebook ads for each of your listings. And last but not least, they could also create your email campaigns to promote that listing. 

And just imagine with your marketing virtual assistant doing these things, just think about how awesome it’s going to be to have all of these things done for you. And the amount of time it’s going to free up for you. 

Generate Leads

First of all, we know social platforms are just that they’re social. So your marketing virtual assistant can start engaging with people on social media, they can pm them, they can comment on their posts for you, we often recommend doing this on your dream 100 list. And If you’re not sure what that is, think about the 100 people that refer you to a lot of businesses and how you want to get back to them by promoting their content, commenting on their content, and showing support for their businesses. 

Your marketing virtual assistant could also track data making sure that you’re spending your time and your money in the right places. They can keep your CRM update to make sure nothing falls through the cracks. They can also set appointments for you and make follow up phone calls as well. 

And one of our favorite things is they can reach out to past clients to ensure that you’re getting reviews. 

Let’s face it after a deals closed, you’re onto the next deal. Sometimes it slips through the cracks to consistently follow up to get those reviews, but we all know how important they are to your marketing VA can stay on top of that, making sure that you’re getting more reviews than anyone else in your area.

Hopefully you can see why I think a marketing virtual assistant should be your first hire. And hopefully you think so too at this point. 

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And until I see you again. Dream Big