Realtor & mortgage loan officer drip campaigns | Live Love MarketingWhat is a drip campaign you say? Well, in it’s simplest terms it is ‘a series of communication generally aimed at inspiring a prospect to purchase your product or service.’ For entrepreneurs it can mean great referrals and new clients.

What is involved in a drip campaign you ask? Generally, drip campaigns include a multi-media combination of great information, useful tips and online & offline media.

Here are some things you can include in your drip campaign to a new prospect:

1) a well-written sales letter
This MUST include what kind of problem you can solve for the recipient. Don’t make it ‘salesy’ but do spell out the problem, the solution and what benefits they will receive. Would be a good idea to include a special report (a list of questions they should ask a service provider in your industry). This may include a page or two from your new client presentation.

2) an email ‘blast’
This should include some kind of free report or links to great resources (preferable from your website).

3) postcard
Direct mail is certainly not as popular as it used to be but people still like to get relevant mail. Be sure it has a clear call-to-action (ie: scan this QR code for a free tip sheet, or visit our website for our free report) and that it is professionally produced.

4) phone call follow-up
It doesn’t hurt to give a prospect a phone call to see if they received your information and if they had any questions about how you can help them or what you offer. Sometimes it’s that personal touch that can really make the sale.

5) email newsletter
Once you have included them in your drip campaign, it’s a good idea to add them to your regular, monthly email newsletter list. If their circumstances changed and they didn’t need your services, they may keep you in mind for their future needs or refer someone they know to you.

You can setup drip campaigns for a new program you are introducing, for turning prospects into clients or to build your social media following. Be creative but most of all – implement it!

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