Kirsten and I were thrilled to have been invited recently to sit on a panel at a young entrepreneur event.

One of the questions they asked us was ‘what is the key to success?’

Kirsten was the first to answer the question and started off by saying…
there are many “keys” to success.

This got us both thinking and we thought it might be helpful to you if we made a list of what we felt like the important ‘keys’ to success are.

Success Key #1) Know what you want.
Yep, sounds simple but to be successful at anything you must first know what you want. You need to have a dream, a goal, a calling, a strong desire – no matter what you call it, you have to want something to succeed at.

Most of us want lots of things…good health, lots of money and all of the things that money can buy including, homes, cars, vacations, and financial security. We want good friends and healthy families. We want to experience fun adventures and we want successful businesses.

It is when we make up our minds about what we truly ‘want’ that we start on that road to success.

For example. let’s say you want to own a profitable business. As you can see, I did not say simply ‘own a business’ because the truth is you want, and in most cases need, for your business to be profitable.

Let’s face it, we all need to be able to afford to eat, and running around naked all the time is not really an option either so we need income to afford necessities. So the bottom line purpose of a business is to provide a service or a product to customer who needs or wants that service (or product) and to make a profit for the business owner or stockholders.

Now profit is likely not the only thing you will want from your business. For so many of us, being in control of our time is one of the most important things our business provides us. We love taking on new challenges, helping our clients, building an asset that can be sold, the list goes on and on and the list is different for everyone. However, the clearer you are on what you want from your business the easier the road to success will be.

Set aside some time this week (just a few minutes is all it takes) and really define what you want to achieve from your business. Don’t stress over it. You can always add to your list in the future. You can edit your income goals as your business evolves and grows with you.

Simply writing down what you want to achieve is a great achievement!