Virtual Assistants

Not Getting it All Done Yourself?
You Need a VA

Can you relate?

  • You are frustrated because your competition seems to be posting great content all the time!
  • You are upset with yourself because you aren’t posting on your Facebook page – but it’s because you forget or don’t have the time.
  • You collect email addresses and business cards when you are out networking but they end up at the bottom of your bag, never to see the light of day again.
  • You know you should reach out to prospects (and referral sources) regularly but you can never find the time.
  • You keep meaning to send out that monthly email newsletter but stop when you’re not sure what to include in it.

We are here to help!

You can’t do it all yourself and you shouldn’t do it all yourself!
We found that our clients were working too many hours trying to ‘get it all done.’ Turns out, you don’t need to.
We found a smart, strategic way to affordably help you get your monthly email marketing done, Facebook page content posted and more!
Hire one of our Virtual Assistants!
We screen, hire and train smart, stay-at-home Mom’s to do the consistent work for you.
We consider this a win-win situation.
Our Virtual Assistants get to work around their schedule and you get quality work done at a great price!
“I’m so, so grateful to the Virtual Assistants from Six Figure Business Coaching. I am now building my database and my business is consistently growing! Also, I love the great feedback I get from clients and prospects on my newsletter. Thank you!” ~Betsy L.
Facebook Posting

Facebook Posting

5 posts researched, developed and posted on your Facebook business page each week.

Email Newsletters

Email Newsletters

a monthly email newsletter; topics researched, email setup, newsletter sent out each month.


Other Tasks

may include
data entry, custom project materials (ie: flyers, worksheets, ebooks, etc.), video creation and more.

Our virtual assistants can also support you with other tasks such as data entry (ready to finally get those business cards into your CRM?). If there is some type of part-time or project support you require that isn’t listed here, be sure to Contact Us to see if we can help.


Did you know…you can earn a six figure income while working LESS hours and enjoying MORE time off? Our clients go from making $30-40K/year to earning over $100K/year while working LESS hours and enjoying MORE time off.

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