Virtual Assistants Use YouTube Videos to Grow Clients’ Local Business

Video Marketing To Your Clients


If you’re a virtual assistant and you would like to offer a very profitable service that can help your clients, you may want to consider video marketing.

In this video, I’m going to go over some stats with you. We’re going to talk about how you can offer video marketing. And we’re also going to share some resources with you at the end of this video. 

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I’m Kirsten with six figure business coaching and I’m going to jump right in. Why should you offer video marketing to your clients? 

According to Sprout Social, there are now 2 billion unique YouTube users each month. Yes, that was billion with a B. If that massive user count isn’t enough to convince you know that the platform reaches more US consumers between the age of 18 and 49. than all cable TV networks combined after Netflix, YouTube is also the second most preferred platform for viewing videos on TV screens among 18. To 34 year olds, YouTube is the perfect platform for reaching teenagers and young adults, as 81% of us internet users between the age of 15 and 25 are using the platform. But interestingly enough, YouTube is popular across other age groups as well. There are 71% users among the US internet users between the age of 26 and 3567, between the age of 36 and 45 66% of people between the ages of 46 and 55. And believe it or not 58% of people who are 56 years or older, or on YouTube, those are some amazing numbers and I’ll actually link below article in the description below so you can read it yourself. But as you can see most everyone is on YouTube. And video is a great resource for local businesses. And it’s a great tool for you to use as a virtual assistant to grow your business

As a virtual assistant, here are some things that you can do for your client.

Video MarketingFirst of all, you can set up their YouTube channel for them, you can create their thumbnail, you can edit and upload their videos, write their description and find their tags. If you’re also handling their social media, you can share their video across their social platforms. You can share it in their email marketing, you could also transcribe it and use it as a blog post on their website

So if you’re already helping your clients with their marketing, adding video marketing makes sense. First of all, it allows your client to have amazing original content. And like I said, you as the virtual assistant can then share it across all platforms. If you’re working with local clients and they don’t know how to produce a YouTube video, you could go to their office once a month and help them create four videos that would give them four pieces of original content to use, again, across all their social platforms. And it makes you look like a superstar because you’re helping them do something that no one else has offered to help them do. And you’re giving them the support that they need to grow their business. Most of the time, people will keep you as a virtual assistant if they see that you’re helping them make money

Hey, if you’re thinking about adding video marketing to what you offer to your clients, please comment below and let us know that we love to hear that you’re adding something new to help grow your business and to help your clients grow their businesses

Often we find that clients just don’t know what to talk about as far as doing video marketing. And I have to be honest with you every question avideo martketing to your clients client has ever asked you can really be a video topic and I’m going to share what happened with my business back in 2006 as the I owned a mortgage company. And as you know, if you’re talking to an applicant about applying for a mortgage, there’s a lot of documentation you need. You need their tax returns their w twos for the past two years, you need bank statements for three months, all pages, the list goes on and on. I would tell my clients is over the phone. And then I would also send them a checklist via email as soon as we got off the phone, when they came in to place their application and to bring us their documents 90% of the time, they didn’t have everything we needed, in fact, was usually about a 70% return rate of them bringing in what we needed to process their loan. 

So we decided to do a video. And let me tell you, this was our first video. And it was me saying exactly what to say on the phone to my clients, which was we need your w twos and the little w two would pop up and we need your pay stubs and that would pop up.

So it was just a very basic video and the sole purpose of that video was to help our clients understand what they need to do. Bring in and why. And boy oh boy did it work. And when we found out that video worked, we decided to add some additional videos, we did videos on things like was APR, which is annual percentage rate, and then we explained it, what’s the difference between a home inspection and an appraisal?

Anyway, the videos went on and on and on, we just came up with all kinds of topics, we would send them out in our email marketing. And what was interesting was when clients would come in clients, we had never met the human to place their application with us. If they had watched a lot of our videos, they felt like they knew us, they were already very connected with us, and they really trusted us, which was amazing

So that was something I Didn’t really understand about video back then, which is, video is a great tool for building relationships with your prospects and clients. But what also happened was our clients would share our videos with other people. And in return, we started getting business as a result of our videos, and I really didn’t expect that to happen. 

So that’s an example of how people To see business a business to consumer can use video now I want to talk about a business who is b2b business to business, because I often hear Oh, well, Video Marketing won’t work for my business. And the reality is, I believe it will work for most every business

So in this example, we’re talking about a local printer

So this local printer started doing videos talking about, like door hangers that real estate agents were using and cleaning companies and contractors. He just started talking about some of the tools that he could print to help other local businesses get more business. And he started getting more business locally, people started sharing his videos. But what really surprised him is he had real estate agents who were not in his local area. Some of them were not even in his state, reaching out to him and buying their printed items from him. 

So video has a way of reaching people all over. So if you’re a local business, don’t worry that people might find your information outside of your area. That’s okay. If they can work with With you, they often will. But video is a great tool, even if you just do business locally. Because again, it helps your clients build relationship with you. It helps them see how you communicate. It’s just a great tool to talk about all the fabulous products and services that you offer

So as a virtual assistant, these are things that you can explain to the client and explain how video marketing is really going to help them grow their business. You could also help them with a strategy about how to grow their business, what kind of videos to do. And again, ask them what are the most common questions your customers ask you, and then do a video on those because they really will help. earlier in the video I talked about you going to your clients office once a month and helping them record four videos

So you may be thinking, I don’t know what I would need, how would I do that? So this video is being filmed on my iPhone, and I’ve got a little tripod sitting on top of a table, I also have to box lights. But that’s all that I have. So this is nothing fancy or special. As far as creating, you know, a fairly good video. It’s definitely not made for TV, that’s for sure. But again, I’m here to educate you not necessarily wow you with my video production. And that’s the same for your clients. They’re providing information and education and working to build relationships with their clients

So the quality doesn’t have to be perfect, it does need to be good. And over time, you will get better and better at helping your clients produce solid videos

Now you may be thinking, well, I don’t know anything about video editing, so you could actually outsource your video editing. So I will say that I have a video editor who is going to edit this video so you can find someone who can do that for you. And you could still make a profit on that. So even though you’re paying someone to edit the videos, if you mark it up enough, there’s still a good profit margin for you.

Now if you like editing and that’s something you want to learn more powerful. To you, because again, it’s a very high demand skill.

So video editing is something that could definitely pay off. If it’s something you enjoy doing, and you get good at it, it is not a skill that I would be good at, nor would I enjoy it. So I am very, very grateful for our video editor dia. So this is what you can do, you can edit yourself or you can hire someone to edit for you

So I hope you’re going to add video marketing to the services that you offer for your clients. I know it will help them grow their businesses and I know it can be very profitable for you. So in the description below, we have linked all kinds of resources

First of all, I have linked the article from a Sprout Social. I’ve also listed a document that has all kinds of great resources that can help you grow your virtual assistant business

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