Time Management: Eliminate, Automate, Outsource

Do you feel like there’s not enough hours in the day? Would You like to make more money? Have more free time? Do you feel like your business is running you rather than you running your business?


These three simple tips will change your business forever. Make sure to stay till the end of the video for a bonus tip. What did you get? Stop Feeling overwhelmed and start feeling like the boss of your business. That’s what we’re here to help you do.

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Hi, I’m Kirsten Graham, and I’m a business coach with six figure business coaching. A hot topic with all of my clients is time management. Here’s the truth about time management. It’s not about getting more done. It’s About getting the right things done.


Too often, we busy ourselves with a really long to do list as a way to avoid doing what really needs to be done. This Brings me to my first tip elimination. When you have a business you have to decide what tasks are really important and need to be done and you need To Eliminate tasks that don’t make that list.

So a great example for most of us is scrolling social media. Now, don’t get me wrong social media is very important for your business. And It’s very important to build those relationships.

However, it’s really easy to go down the social media rabbit hole, and waste a lot of your time during the day doing something that really does not need to be done. So set boundaries around the time that you’re using social media.

And keep in mind that you want to do the tasks on social media that need to be done.replying to comments, reaching out to build relationships, making sure your posts are scheduled, but you do not need to casually scroll social media. So that one thing alone can save you a lot of time.


The next thing to do is really look at everything you’re doing

and ask yourself, Am I getting a good ROI, a good return on investment on my time, and on my money. One Of our clients had been in a networking group for two years, and she had not received any business from that group.

We started talking about the fact that she should maybe drop the group. She was very attached to the people in the group. And she really enjoyed it. The problem was, she wasn’t bringing in business from it.

So we talked about the fact that she spent six hours a month with that group, as well as about six to $700 a year. In the end, she did decide to leave that group, because she really couldn’t figure out a way to make it profitable. And it was getting in the way of her doing things that she really needed to do to reach her goals. So sometimes we have to eliminate things that we really enjoy or that we want to do. But it doesn’t mean you can’t circle back to it at different times.

Time Management: Eliminate, Automate, OutsourceIt means right now, you just need to let it go. Now, the second tip is automation. It’s really awesome what technology can do for us, and here are some ways that you could automate parts of your business.

Let’s say you have someone opt into your email list.

Make sure to have an email campaign setup to automatically reach out to them. That’s a form of automation. Or if you’re like us and you have recurring monthly income, rather than billing your client each month, you can go ahead and set that upon auto bill.

So it takes care of it for you. Again, that saves you so much time, you just have to log into the bank and check off of the payments that were supposed to come in. So That’s another way to use automation.

Earlier we talked about social media. And a great way to save yourself some time and to make sure you’re not scrolling endlessly on social media, when you should be working is to use a scheduling tool.

Again, this is another fantastic form of automation that can free up so much time for you to get things done that are going to drive revenue. Now My third tip, which is outsourcing, is truly a game changer.


Our clients are so surprised when I hire a virtual assistant, how much it changes their business, as well as their mindset. So what you’re doing you’re having your virtual assistant take care of the low revenue tasks, things like creating flyers, doing data entry, keeping your CRM up to date, managing your calendar, taking care of your email marketing, your social media marketing, and doing things like video editing and podcasts that, because those can be quite time consuming.

Again, these are the types of tasks that will free you up to be able to build your business to focus on doing incredible work for your clients, and to focus on building new relationships and getting more clients in the door.

So I promised you a bonus tip at the end. And this is the tip for you. You can hire an amazing virtual assistant out of the Philippines for as little as$400 a month full time. Yeah, you heard me right $400 a month for a full time virtual assistant. And I promise you just like our clients, this can be a huge game changer for you in your business.

In the description below. We have a free guide for you about outsourcing, as well as a link to book a call. If you’d actually like to talk to us a little bit more about outsourcing, we’d love to have the opportunity to do that.

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And until I see you again. Dream Big!