It’s summertime and you need a summer break!

We have had some crazy hot and humid weather and some loud storms these last few weeks but right now it feels like the summer days I remember when I was a kid.


summer break | Live Love MarketingSo I went for a run today. Now, I’d love to tell you that I’m a fitness nut who wears those fancy licra outfits in cool colors and can run a 5K in under 30 minutes but I’m not. I’m just a girl who needs to stretch her legs and clear her head and there is nothing better for me than running.


I need that air to fill up my lungs and to hear the birds chirp. To feel the small branches break under my shoes. I need to hear the bull frogs calling to their mates and to see a big blue sky above. I need to feel free.


We all too often spend most of our day inside. Whether we are in meetings, getting our work done, helping our kids with homework, making dinner, etc. we spend a lot of our hours indoors.


Today I want you to go outside. Grab a friend for lunch and walk around the nearest park or at the very least, step away from your desk, go outside in your back yard and breathe in some fresh air. Listen to the birds, look at the sky, remember that the minutia of the pressing issues right this moment is not what life is about.


In fact, studies show the best decisions are made when you are not in front of your computer but instead out enjoying life and feeling good.


So, take a break, go outside, breathe and feel a little freedom…

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