We all have the best intentions when it comes to productivity. There are many nights I tell myself I’ll get up early, before kids wake up and work needs to happen, just to get a head-start on the day. But when morning comes and the alarm is blaring, it’s a lot more difficult to follow through on those good intentions.


So how do you stay motivated, especially in an industry like real estate that isn’t 9-to-5 and often involves working from home or at odd hours? How do you build a life that you love, that is fulfilling? And how do you stay motivated?


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Know your why.

Take time to really define your why.  A career in real estate has flexible hours; you can earn more money per hour than in a 9 to 5 job. Helping others and building lasting relationships is personally fulfilling. You are always learning new things, personal growth is important. You enjoy the freedom of being self-employed, being your own boss. Break down your monetary needs and wants to better understand the why. A vision board can be a great way to do that. Really define this because it is at the heart of achieving your goals.


Set goals and write them down.

Studies have shown that there is something in writing things down that lends them credibility. Thing about what you want to accomplish this month, this quarter, and this year, and then write those goals down. Read your goals each morning to refresh your memory of what’s important to you. Write your own personal mission statement and read it every day. Here’s ours.


Socialize with successful people.

Find peers and mentors who are successful and spend time with them. Not only is this a good networking tip, but engaging with other successful professionals can be both an encouragement and a mental push to stay motivated and work hard.


Recognize that failure doesn’t necessarily mean a lack of success.

Maybe a sale gets delayed or falls through altogether. Maybe a referral initially seemed interested but then didn’t end up working with you. Whatever the setback, it’s important to try not to get discouraged. Recognize that setbacks and small failures do not mean you or your business are unsuccessful, but are instead a normal part of any professional’s life. If one thing falls through, more chances are still bound to follow.


Celebrate the successes you have.

Take pride in the things you have already achieved and remember the successes that help you enjoy what you do. When you reach a milestone in your career or close a tough transaction.  You know the one with both sets of parents giving the kids advice. The seller was out of the county and couldn’t  respond in a timely fashion. The client didn’t lock the rate because the dad just knew they would go down, guess what they went up.

Celebrate those moments and recognize that awesome work you just did. You work hard for your clients and you deserve to be proud!

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