Repurpose YouTube Videos For Instagram Content Or Have Your VA Do It

When you create an amazing YouTube video, one of the smartest and quickest ways to get some great exposure is to promote it on your Instagram Feed.

Hi, I’m Jeanne Wilson with Six Figure Business CoachingI’ve always loved helping small businesses better market their business and teach them how to outsource tasks to virtual assistants.

So whether you’re doing this marketing yourself or having your virtual assistant do it, this is going to be helpful for both of you. So let’s get to it. 

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Our members love how much time, energy and frustration they save by not only repurposing one piece of content to create tons of content, but also because they can simply show the system to their virtual assistant and the two of them can implement it right away.

Create Quote Cards in Canva for your Instagram from your YouTube Video

So the first thing I’m going to show you how to do is a really easy way to get quote cards from your video. 

So the first thing we’re going to do here is we’re going to use this video and we’re going to download the transcriptionSo if I click on these three dots and click Open Transcript, this is the transcription for the whole video. I can also click here and say toggle timestamps if I don’t want the timestamps there, so then I am going to highlight it and Command C, then you can just open a text document and Command V to paste it in there. 

Now let’s have a look at this, this is going to be some gold in here. So I’m going to go Command A to select it all and then I’m going to just make it a little bit bigger so you can see it better.

Okay, so let’s see if we can find a few quotes in here. I got one right here.

First Quote: “I believe that hiring and outsourcing is the quickest way to scale your business. It’s also a really key way to stay happy in your business.”

Here’s another one we can use: the definition of

Second Quote: “Outsourcing is when you hire someone who has a very unique and specific skill”

And that’s not necessarily a quote, but it can be a definition. These are things that we’re going to use

And we’re going to use Canva to create cards for our Instagram feed. And I’m gonna show you how to do that in just a minute. So we’re going to pull out, see how many, we got 3. Let’s pick one more. So this is a really good one we can use as a question. I’d love to know when you started outsourcing tasks. And we can add, add live this a little bit

Third Quote: “Outsourcing tasks in your business. Did you do it when you started your business or later on.” 

In Canva. And we’re going to click Create design, we’re going to go to Instagram post. So If you’ve seen any of my videos before, on the left hand side, you know that this is your navigation. And on the right hand side is obviously your palette where we’re going to design this. And there’s already some great ideas in here that you can use for layouts, which I love. And we’re obviously looking for one that just has texts.

So I like how colorful this one is. Now you’re going to want to use whatever branded colors and fonts that you have for your business, because we want this to look like it’s part of your business. So I think the first thing that I’m going to do is go over here, and let’s pullout a quote.

I’m gonna copy that, Command C, I come over here, I’m gonna highlight this text, Command V paste it. You can see it’s a little too big. So we can make it smaller and highlight all of it way too small. And really, we probably want to pick a font that we’re definitely going to use. 

And I’m going to change this to source sans pro which is one of our fonts. And then I’m going to put a squiggly line here and put Kirsten and her name down at the bottom, that’s usually where we put people’s names when we aren’t gonna quote them. 

So now let’s add a page. And let’s pick another one.

Do you like these, which is actually meant to be a quote, but we’re going to make sure that we’re consistent with some of our colors so that we can, we can keep our branding consistent.

I feel like these two go together well, because you can see the the kind of rounded look of some of these images. And this has a kind of a rounded look. So let’s go back to our text document. And we’ll pick out I am going to change this to one of our fonts. I’ll paste that there.

She said hiring an outsourcing is a really key way to stay happy in your business. And then I change this to and then I’m gonna change the color on that to one of our colors. And I’m going to make this quote up here, our color as well. And then the background. Instead of that peach color, I’m going to use our purple, I could do instead of the purple. I could do the dark green, because I feel like that kind of looks a little more consistent. And then this has a background color. 

There so then they look consistent. So you can kind of see now we could change this to like purple if we want it to be because the first image doesn’t have any white in it. Or we could change this to the cream color. Maybe make the background purple.

There’s just an infinite number of ways to do this. And, again, you know, you’re gonna want to make it consistent with your brand. But you know, we did that in what just a couple minutes. 

That is the simplest way to turn your video by using the transcriptions and turn it into some quote cards that you can now download and use in your Instagram feed. And you’re gonna want to do that here by clicking download. And you can select the pages and hit Done. And then go ahead and download those and save those.

Now the other thing that you could do with this is you can show this to your virtual assistant. 

This will explain to them how they can take transcription and download it for you

And then either you or your virtual assistant can pull some quotes out of there can pull some definitions and can pull some text that you can then turn into content for your Instagram Feed.

Create a 60 second teaser of your YouTube Video

I’ve opened up iMovie. And we’re going to go to File Import Media.

And I can play the beginning, I’m often asked when’s the best time to outsource or hire a virtual assistant. Okay, so we could cut it right there. And we can get sidelined and end up not growing our businesses the way we know you should, and the way we know we can, because we know that we can only have a 60 seconds video clip, no more than that for Instagram. 

We could go ahead and actually in here, you just hit Split Clip, delete this file, share, file.

All the settings are good, hit next. And then we just save it in here

And it can be a teaser video, what I normally do is, do just what I showed you would just take the beginning of the video to make a teaser for Instagram, because the beginning of the video kind of usually tells you what the video is going to be about.

It is a little bit of a tease to understand what’s coming next, because that’s what you want. 

You want them to see the teaser on Instagram, and then you want to send them to YouTube. 

Now If this were a video where it was like the top three tips, or the top five tips, you could actually record or you could edit each one of those tips as a separate movie, or as a separate teaser. And you could use each one of those clips on Instagram as opposed. 

And you could then in the captions, you could put you know, watch the full video on our YouTube channel to see all of the tips. 

You could turn this one video into you now, tons and tons of content for Instagram. 

Then the last thing I’m going to talk about is IG TV. Because what you can do is you can so I just had to undo and I just did you know the cutting that we did before Instagram videos can be up to 10 minutes long. 

So you can take a video actually, we could show this whole video because it’s only nine minutes and 49 seconds you can see right there. But what we want to do is we want to take out the elements of this video that we talk about where we talk about certain things that are just on YouTube. 

When we recorded it initially it was we were thinking about YouTube but because that’s not YouTube specific you can go ahead and leave that on there

Because I think when you start looking at it you can either cut that clip out, or you could put in the caption, you know, “be sure to check out our video, our other video on YouTube when you head over to YouTube.” I’m specifically looking for this “Subscribe. And We’re here to help people just like you start and build successful businesses. If you haven’t already, please subscribe to our channel.” 

Okay, so this is what we’re gonna want to cut out already. If I’m gonna make this a little bit bigger, because I can see down here, down here is the audio in the blue, and I can see where she pauses. And that’s probably where I want to cut it. If you haven’t already, please. So I can right click and split this clip already posted the video. And then I can go here and click Split Clip. And then I can delete that.

We’ll see how it looks, people just like you start and build successful businesses. Okay, so my definition. So we need to just cut that little tiny bit out because it’s still sad getting notified. So we’ll split the clip again. Click on that delete it. Art and golf success, successful businesses. So my definition of outsourcing there you go. But that’s what I said, you know, you want to pull out any of the sections that are relevant to YouTube. And then you can download this and then upload it to Instagram stories. So now you’ve got another part of Instagram and more content to use so that people can find you so that they can see your videos so that they can like what you’ve got going on.

Now don’t forget some of the things that we’ve talked about today are things that you don’t necessarily have to do, but that you can show to your virtual assistant and have them take care of it.

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And until I see you again. Dream Big.