testimonials | Live Love MarketingWhether you are a Real Estate professional, a restaurateur, a retail shop or a service provider (moving company, etc.), you do your best to provide amazing customer service. And I have no doubt your clients/customers are happy to sing your praises – they are your raving fans. However they don’t always know where or how to help you.

One of the smartest things you can do is when your client says ‘thank you’ and tells you how much they appreciate all your hard work, just be direct and ask for a recommendation!

Tell them how grateful you are to have had them as a client and that a great way for them to help you grow your business (besides referring you business) is for them to share their experience.

Explain that you will be happy to send them a link to your LinkedIn profile or your other online profiles (ie: Zillow or Trulia). Explain that potential clients often look at recommendations to decide if they will will choose to work with you or with someone else.

Encourage your client to use their own words in their recommendation or testimonial but if they say, “I’m not sure what to say” or if they explain they are ‘not a good writer’ just show them examples. (You can also let them know that a video testimonial will work too!)

A good time to ask for a testimonial or referral is as soon as they have a ratified contract. It’s right when they are at their happiest that you have helped them sell their home.

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