I cannot function with a messy desk or with papers all over the office. When working on mortgage files it was always important to me to have one file on my desk at a time. It helped me focus on that specific client and ensured nothing was filed into the wrong file.

your work space | Live Love MarketingAs I began to work on Live Love Marketing I found that sometimes I would have writers block. A good idea would come to me but I could not seem to develop it. For whatever reason going to the bookstore and writing there was my solution. Maybe it was all of the energy from being surrounded by writing by amazing authors, or it could have been that wonderful book-smell, or, just maybe, it was the delicious mocha frap :).

Jeanne and I often find that our best ideas for marketing come to us when we are not at our desk but, instead, sitting by the pool, out having lunch or better yet enjoying a glass of wine.

When you think about all of the hats you wear and a Realtor or mortgage loan officer and all of the different tasks you do on a real estate translation does it make sense for you to have different places to go to get certain work done?

Do you have a nice home office or do you go into an office each day?
Do you find the solutions to your difficult problems come to you when you are on a walk or in the shower?

Some people find working from one space to be most effective while others like to meet clients at the office but do the majority of their paperwork, follow up calls and prospecting from their home office.

When it comes to marketing and prospecting moving to a different space may bring new and creative ideas so why not give it a try? One of the beauties of the real estate and mortgage business is that you have the freedom to go wherever you like to find inspiration and to get things done.

What works best for you? Focusing on one thing at a time? Moving to a different environment? We would love to hear about it!

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