I was talking with my dear friend Laura one day and I was saying how I felt so drained by all of the things I needed to get done. That I felt so overwhelmed that I was just frozen not getting anything done.

I then asked “Do you feel that way,” and she said “no I’m never behind.” She said it not in a ‘stuck-up, look at me’ kind of way but in a simple, sincere, matter-of-fact, ‘no I’m not behind’ kind of way. We then went on to talk about 30 other topics like we do when we get together. Just chatting and laughing up a storm. 

never behind | Live Love Marketing Later that night I was thinking about how amazing it would be to say ‘I’m never behind.’ More important is how great it would FEEL to not think you are behind. The more I thought about it the more I realized it’s just a mind set.

Laura is a busy woman. She is the mother of 6, a real estate investor and owns a small business. Her life is as full as anyone I know. She, however, is the master of her thoughts. And her thoughts dictate her emotion. And her emotions control how productive she is.

She’s not oblivious to life’s happenings – she knows there will always be things that need to get done; laundry, cooking, rehabbing a property when a tenant moves out, life-stuff. You know, the day to day mixed in with big projects and unexpected BS that just happens. But she doesn’t drain her energy with negative thoughts focused on what hasn’t been done yet. (Think of the little engine that could, I think I can i think I can, I THINK I CAN. Why because I’m never behind! 

Since our conversation, I have changed my words and my thoughts. I now tell myself everyday ‘I’m not behind.’ I go over my calendar each afternoon to see what meetings I have for the next day and I look at my to do list and decide what can get done.

It has helped me feel more in charge and I’m getting more done in less time. The to do list is never 100% done and as long as I’m alive it won’t be. And I’m ok with that because I’m never behind. Give it a try and let me know how it works for you. 

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