How To Use Canva Backgrounds For Zoom

Today, I’m gonna show you how to use the new zoom virtual template backgrounds toe help you stand out from your competition. 

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Hi, my name is Jeanne Willson from six figure Business Coaching. And we have been coaching our clients and helping small businesses grow for the last 15 years.Our clients love using canvas and zoom. And today I’m gonna show you how to use the new creative Virtual Backgrounds in Cannes, Va. For your online meetings, trainings and workshops and zoom.

So here we are in zoom , and I’m gonna show you some of the settings that you need to set up so that you are able to use the virtual background. So first thing you do is log in, which I’ve already done and then go up here to my account and then over here, two settings and then you’re gonna want to stroll down, leave it on the meeting tab and what’s his meeting? Recording Telephone. Leave it on the meeting tab and you scroll down until you see um, passed in meeting basic. We want to go to in meeting Advanced. There it is in meeting advance, and underneath there, you’re going to want to look for virtual background here, this See that? We want to make sure that’s enabled. 

So here it already is cause it’s blue. But if it were grey like that, you just click on it once and it slides over and it’s blue. So that means we have told Zoom that we do want to allow virtual backgrounds so hopeful you could see me now and you can see that I have a green background. 

The best way to do this is actually with a green screen, and what we have here is not actually technically a green screen, but what it is a piece of fabric. We actually went to Joe and fabrics and bought a piece of fabric that is green, so kind of mocks the green scree and put it where we normally put our backgrounds. So all we need to do here is go to our little settings where we normally go to video . There’s a drop down. It’s you can change your camera, but I’m gonna say choose of virtual backgrounds. 

So one thing that I realized when I was recording is that when you are recording something on Zoom when you’re recording a meeting, it doesn’t show the meeting controls at the top. So I had to use a different software to do that so I could show you what the host sees. And so, um, in order to get the virtual background you’re using, your meeting controls up here and next to stop videos, this dropped out boxy . You click on that, and one of the options is choose a virtual background. We’re going to click on that, and then I’m gonna get my picture here, Out of the way. 

And now here’s we can choose a virtual background. So up here to get rid of the meeting controls and my click on Maur, and it says, hide floating, meeting controls. So now that’s out of our way. If you want to get them back. You could see it tells you you hit escape on your keyboard and they come back. So here you can see these are my settings for my video and one of the settings is virtual background. So I can go there and there are some that are already installed. And then there are a couple that I installed myself. 

So one of the ones that’s already installed is the Golden Gate Bridge. So you can see if I select that one and then I go ahead and close this, make myself bigger. Sure about that. That’s cool. So bigger. So there I am, the Golden Gate Bridge. So fun. 

So, um, the next one I’m going to show you. Sure, you this green grass is a background, so you can try these out in this section right here to see what you think could be me and space on Earth. And this is one that I uploaded from Can va. So it actually shows me in an office. And so if you are having a meeting, you have , you know, a background that’s a little crazy or, you know, messy. Um, you might be able to use this. It doesn’t work quite as well without the green screen . 

The green screen is is the optimal way to use it, but you can certainly give it a try. Um, but it’s a really exciting background. This one, I think , changes colors. But you can also see Can you see how my hair is kind of disappearing? So you also have to have some good lighting, so you may have to play around with the lighting that you have to make sure that you are very well lit. I actually had to grab a different camera that I have, which has changed. I can see some of the colors like my lip color has changed, and I could see it’s changed some of the colors so you might notice these colors of my face and my here, so for a little bit different than the rest of the video, because that was using a different type of video. 

So you’re gonna have to play around with it if you want to use these virtual backgrounds. But let me go ahead and close this and I’m a show you in Cannes, but where you can find knows, backgrounds. So I’m already logged into Canada. So here I’ve already got because you can see half search for I’m just gonna type in you, and it says zoom, virtual background. So I’m hoping now that you can see can va And there’s all these different fun backgrounds. You could pretend you’re in London. You could be playing bingo. Um uh, you could be an angel in the sky. Could be in a cubicle. 

So again , some of these can be, you know, just for a phone. If you’re having events and meetings and get togethers with friends on dhe, some of them can be You know, something that you use for work If you’ve got a background in your office or, you know, if you’re working from home and things are not ideal behind you, you may want to use one of these . 

So, like I said in Canada, you’re just gonna select one. You’re gonna make any edits that you want. This one says, Can you hear me? Um, but we don’t have to keep that. We could change that something else if we wanted to. And then we just download our designs to a folder. 

The letter it ISS. And then we go over here and we choose a virtual background and we click the plus button and select that background. We open it up and they’re ISS and close our selection, and there we go. Although I think it’s backwards . 

So anyhow, I hope that you now understand better how to use virtual backgrounds on how much fun they can be and actually, how you can use them for your business if you like. I said, if you got some kind of crazy stuff going on in your background, you don’t have a green screen your on screen at all. But you’ve got, you know, chaos and you want to try and, um, put a virtual backgrounds that looks more like a professional office. Not like they post it notes, but maybe something more like the office office. They go something more like the office office, So you could feel like you are meeting with other professionals in a professional environment. 

So I hope that you found this really informative. It’s really fun. Be creative, you know, showcase your creativity. If you are in a position to do that, Um, if you’re using zoom for Webinar, you know we do something a little bit fun if you’re using it for, um, you know something casual for your business, some kind of training, but one that’s, you know, that’s a little bit fun and unique and creative, you know, think think a little bit outside of the box. I think people would enjoy that. I think people would like to see something that was, um, new and unique and out of the ordinary. 

So I hope that if you have any questions at all, please post them in the comments below. And I’m happy to answer any questions that you have now that you know how to use these creative backgrounds from Canada for your zoom online meetings, be sure to click on the link below to book a discovery. Call with us so we can help you get to the next level in your business. 

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