These days, it’s so important to be accessible on different social media platforms. There are so many social platforms out there nowadays that you can find your target market on almost any platform because they’re so big. They’re so active, which is great, but sometimes it can feel really overwhelming to try and get all your different posts created and then scheduled on all the different platforms. So in this video, I’m going to show you how to quickly and easily design a post for Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter, and schedule it all on Canva.>> GET YOUR FREE CANVA ACCOUNT <<



canva content plannerSo, first thing you will want to do is create a design. You can start with an Instagram post. Canva has templates that you can use which will give you ideas of what you might like the design to look like. When it’s time to schedule it to post, I’m going to post this to my Instagram business account. So I will click on the drop down and select my Instagram profile and I can publish this now. Then Canva will give me a link to it so I can go to our Instagram profile and see it. There are a couple other things you can do with the Canva Instagram post. With the click of a button you can animate it! This is really cool because videos on most profiles get a lot more exposure. Once you select your animation (note: the animations without the crown are free), you will want to save the post as an MP4 (video). Then you can schedule the post for a later date. After you have either posted through Canva or scheduled a post in Canva, the post will show up in the Content Planner (Home/Content Planner).



Now, let’s create a Facebook post. When you click ‘Create Facebook post,’ it automatically formats the correct sizing for it, which is awesome. So once you have selected a design style, I would go ahead and update it with your brand colors here. Once you have edited the design, you will want to click, ‘publish to Facebook.’ Since I’ve already connected my Facebook page it automatically shows up and I simply need to select it. Next step is to write the text for the post and include some hashtags if you choose to, and then click ‘publish now.’ Then, I make a habit of double checking that is shows up properly on my Facebook page.



Next, we are going to create and schedule a LinkedIn post. So in Canva we are going to choose ‘create a design’ and type in ‘LinkedIn post’, we’re going to use a cool one that already has a video in it and put a quote in it and schedule it to my personal LinkedIn profile and publish it now. Then, we’ll check that it shows up properly on my LinkedIn profile. Love it!



So next, we’re going to create a design on Twitter, create a tweet. So again, I’m going to look through the templates available in Canva. Once I find the one I like, I’m going to edit the background to something I like better. Now, I’m going to publish this to Twitter. I’ll put some text in along with hashtags and publish it. So my design on Twitter has been posted (check out the video to see our post). It’s beautiful. It’s yellow and jumps out at you so it will definitely get noticed.



We can go back to Canva/Home and select ‘Content Planner.’ Now, you can see all the posts that we posted today and you can also see the one that we scheduled for tomorrow. That’s all there is to it! So get out there and get on Canva – design your posts and schedule your content…and don’t forget that you can have your marketing virtual assistant do all of this for you! So you don’t even need to be involved in the process aside from approving the imagery and the text. So I hope you enjoyed this video and learned how to schedule your posts using Canva. If you found this video helpful, >> click here << to see our full Canva playlist on our YouTube channel.