How to Promote YouTube Videos via Facebook 2021

Did you know you can create a ton of content for your Facebook Page just by repurposing your YouTube video?


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Hi, I’m Jeanne Willson, and I have a degree in marketing. I started working in advertising and corporate and did that for many years.


I transitioned to helping small businesses better market their business. And I’ve been doing that for actually the last of my clients for over 10 years.


How can you repurpose your YouTube video?


For all kinds of great content on Facebook, some of the first ways to market your videos, I’m going to show you how to get extra mileage out of your video. So let’s get to it.


We are going to use this YouTube video and we are going to repurpose it for Facebook. So the first thing we’re going to do is pull the transcriptions.

So if we click here, make them click open transcription. And so what we’re going to do first we’re going to look through here and just pick out some things that we can use as a quote, to create a quote card in Canva. Or we can look at something that’s just a really unique statement, a question, or just something that we can use as additional posting, that people are going to find interesting, that’s going to kind of capture their attention. 


So I’m going to pick this one that says, “If you really want a business where you’re going, you don’t have to work day in and day out, hiring and outsourcing is really the way to go.” So I’m gonna copy that. And I’m gonna hop on over to Canva


We love Canva. If you’ve seen any of our videos, we do have the pro version, which is the paid version.


So we’re going to go click up here and click create a design. And we’re going to do this in actual, we’re going to type in Facebook posts. And the reason that we do that is because it automatically will format it to the right size. And it also gives you some really great ideas over here as to what you could do. 


So if you use the same one over and over again, in this case, you can see it actually scrolls through because there’s four different ones in here that you can use. And don’t forget, the things that I’m showing you how to do today are not necessarily things that you as the business owner need to do. 


If you’ve got a marketing virtual assistant, they can absolutely take care of that for you. And you can even use this video as a training for them. 


So when I click on this, I can see that there’s a dotted line around the outside. And what that means there’s two different at least two different elements that are grouped together. And so if we want to change them, we should probably ungroup them to start with. 


So I’m going to click here and then up here, I’m going to go and click on the three dots and you can see here it says ungroup. Okay, so now we can see that there are actually three different text elements here that are all grouped together. So I’m gonna click away and I’m Gonna change this one. With the quote that we just had, so I’m gonna change this, it’s gonna be too long, I think for the script font, because we want something that people won’t have any trouble reading.

First of all, let’s make this smaller, make some of its smaller, but not all of it. Okay. So I’m gonna go over here and click on the fonts. And now I’ve got a whole list of tons and tons of fonts. And because we have the pro version, it shows our brand, there’s actually a section called brand fonts. 

And these are the three fonts that we use with our brand.

And you can see down here too, it also says upload a font, and then this little crown here, that means that the pro version so if you had the free version, it won’t include some of these fonts in here.  


I might make this one a little bit of a script font. But I’m gonna change that right now. It’s all caps. That must be the way it’s set up here. There it is. So just a reminder, to highlight that make it big. Bigger, it doesn’t have the option to make it bold.


That’s just the nature of this particular font. So I’m also going to make this bigger because I really want it to be something that people can read really easily because you have to remember a lot of people are looking at your stuff on mobile.


And we can if we wanted to put some quotes, the beginning and end, because it really is a person’s words. So I’m gonna make this just a little bit smaller, so I can put her name in here. It also gives it a little bit more space. So if I want to add some text, I can go over here to text.


And again, because we have the pro version, it automatically puts out text fonts up here, but it also has some really nice combinations down here. Some of them move and you can see if it has Pro with the crown, then you can you can use those if you have the pro account, if you don’t have the pro account and you want to use some of them I think there’s a small fee that you have to pay. 


So I am going to put it in caps. Kirsten let’s make that a little bit bigger. Okay, now we can use this as it is but if these are not your brand colors, and they’re not mine, we can click on any of these color elements and select the color that we would like to use. And again, because we have the pro version, you can see this little crown. It actually puts our brand colors here. But it’s really nice because it also puts the document colors there.



If you wanted to stick with the document colors, but just changed them change some of the elements, but otherwise it has all these standard colors and then you can always click here and choose another color or you can put in your hex number or the words you know blue or teal. And it will bring up some colors, another color palette. So let’s do that.


So that is how you can repurpose some of the content from your video onto Facebook.


So all you’ve really done is to take your own words or the words of the person in the video, and just pulled out a really nice piece to create something new. And I love that. Now the other thing that you could do this is when you posted this onto Facebook, in the comments, you could put a link to the full video. And you could even if you wanted to, you could put the YouTube symbol in here.


So people knew that this actually came from a video, or it might just spark their curiosity as to you know, why is there a YouTube video element in there. And then what you could do is, since Facebook does not like when you put a link to another platform in the post, you can actually put a link in the comments. And You could say something like, you know, like, here’s a link to the full video. And then you put a link there to your video on YouTube.


So you’re getting some traffic on Facebook, you’re getting some original content on Facebook, but you’re also sending some traffic to your YouTube channel. So as you can see, it’s fairly simple to pull some really good ideas and tips and quotes from your video and repurpose them as quote cars on Facebook.


There are some other really smart things to do on Facebook As well. And with regards to repurposing the content in your video, so you can absolutely go live on Facebook. And it doesn’t have to be a long line, it can be a short one. But just so that you’re out there talking about what the content is in your video, and telling people to make sure that they go and watch it. And sometimes they’re really good ideas. Let’s say you’ve got like three tips in your video, you could tell them what one of the tips is.


And then you could say head on over to our video to see the other ones, then I would definitely put a link to the video in the comments below your live Facebook really does favor lives. So they do like to see people going live on their page, you can even tell if you have a story in your video, you could tell a really compelling or interesting story.


And then maybe leave the end of the story and tell them they’ve got to go and watch the video to see the end of the story. Because the whole purpose of getting on to Facebook and talking about your video or posting images of the video is to get people over to your video so that they’ll subscribe to your channel and you’ll get more viewers on your channel which will help your channel grow. You can also create what you might call a social media teaser video. And this doesn’t have to be alive but it can be a short video I would say less than 60 seconds.


What our marketing virtual assistant usually does is that she’ll take the beginning of the video because that’s usually where you’re talking about you know today I’m going to teach you how to do this so you kind of introduce the topic or introduce the video. And that’s usually less than 60 seconds.


So you could have your marketing virtual assistant go ahead and clip that and create what we would call a social media teaser which is just a short video that you could then upload to Facebook And then say you know for and then underneath it you could put in the comments a link to the full video. So as you can see, there’s lots and lots of ways to repurpose one video to make tons of great content for your Facebook page. 


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And until I see you again. Dream Big