How To Promote a YouTube Video Via Email To Get More Views

The first 24 hours after your video has been published is the most important time to promote it.

That’s when YouTube is tracking your video to see what kind of watch time it’s getting.

So be sure to market your video to your full email list right after you publish it, it really is the best way to get new subscribers and views right away, we teach our clients to email out their video about an hour after it’s published. 

And that’s exactly what I’m going to show you how to do today. 

This is Jeanne with Six Figure Business Coaching. And today I’m going to show you how to set up your email in ConvertKit. 

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The Process

1. Open ConvertKit and Choose who you will receive your Email

This is the platform that we use for our Email Subscribers. Choose the list that you want your Email to be received


2. Create an Enticing Subject Line

One of the most important things in your email, as you know is your subject line. 

That’s what people are going to see first. And that’s how oftentimes they’re going to decide if in fact, they’re going to open your video. 

So we’ll replace the new broadcast. And a couple things about the subject line that I do is I like to put the word video in brackets, because I think people are more interested and the videos get higher open rates. 

So that’s certainly something that you want to include and let them know “hey, you know, if you open this up, you’re not just going to see text or a picture, you’re going to be linked to a video”

I also like to put an emoji because oftentimes in your inbox, there aren’t any emojis, it’s just text. 

When you see an emoji, it kind of makes a jump out at you. And there’s loads and loads to choose from, you know, there’s bright arrows, and there’s checkmarks. 

So since I named the subject line, when is the right time to outsource or hire a virtual assistant? And what’s the cost? I put a little Guy Smiley face he’s thinking because he’s thinking, huh, what is that? What’s the answer to that? 

So when you’re thinking about what kind of content, what kind of text, you’re going to put in your email, the only function of this email is to get them to click on a link to watch your video. So you kind of want to make it interesting, you want to make it something that’s going to get them excited, you want them to click on the link. 


3. Creating the email

So this is what I wrote to put into hours. And one of our lovely clients recently told us so this is a testimonial. And I like to do that because I think people like to see what other people have had to say. And I can highlight this row in ConvertKit and click on the plus sign and change this to a block quote, which puts a little block to the left hand side of it makes it stand out a little bit. And I’m even going to go one step further and highlight it. So I’m going to make this bigger. So it stands out.

Because I want that to kind of jump out at people to say hiring a virtual assistant completely changed everything for me. 

So as a reader, I would say, Wow, somebody said that, that that’s great. You know, I want to know more about that. 

So then a couple other things I mentioned in here, you know, hiring and outsourcing are the quickest ways to scale your business. It’s the key to being happier and enjoying your business more. And it’s something you can afford. So and I wanted that to stand out as well. So I Italicize it and I could have also bold it as well. 

But when is the right time to hire a virtual assistant to outsource some of your tasks and how much does it cost? I wrote that Kirsten has the answers plus a free resource. So I Thought that this was a really compelling way of talking about the subject but not giving away everything and getting people really excited about it. So the next thing I want to do is actually add an image from video.  And there’s a really, really easy way to do that. So I go over my videos. And this is the one so I’m gonna click on details. 


4. Attach the Video’s Link

And over here, I can get the video link. I’m gonna copy that on my computer, it’s Command C, that’s for a Mac. And then over here in ConvertKit, I’m going to click on the button on the cross, then I’m going to say I want to insert a video. 

So we can insert a video right here, just put the link and hit insert, and it automatically pulls the thumbnail in. 

But what I want to do here is I want to make sure that the picture of the video thumbnail isn’t going to be too big when it renders on people’s computers.

So I’m going to just click very gently in the corner here, and it brings up information about the video. So it has the URL, which we know is correct, because it automatically brought that thumbnail in didn’t it. 

Now this is what I want you to mostly keep pay attention to the video size, you do not want to be any wider than 600. Otherwise, it can render really big because you have to think about all the different screens that people are using, in order to read your video.

You can read what it says, you can see it really clearly and know that it’s a picture. And then I Also like to center it now you could left align it if you prefer since all the other text is left aligned.

So after the video, you hit a couple returns to put some spacing in there. And then I’m Going to go over here and copy text and paste it here. And you know you can have whatever your normal signatures or use your template that has your signature on it. And then a really nice thing. So then what I would do next is go down here and hit save, just so this whole thing is saved and nothing happens to it. 

5. Test the Email 

Then you can test this out by either clicking browser. So this opens up a new tab to show you what it will look like when it arrives in someone’s email. So you can just kind of have a glance at it, I Would always check the link to make sure the link goes to the video. And I can see that it does. So that’s great. 

Another Great tool is to click email, you can also send yourself an email so you can see what it looks like when it arrives in your inbox. Because you’d be really surprised about what it looks like in your email in your inbox. And if it jumps out at you, because you might find that, Oh, you know what, I don’t think that subject line is compelling enough, I don’t think I would open that. Or you know, I’m going to pick a different emoji because I don’t think this one jumps out, or I’m going to put more than one emoji on there. 

So we always have our virtual assistant who puts these together for me sends me an email so I can see what it looks like before it goes out. 

That reminds me that you can use this as a training video for your virtual assistant when you want them to set up an email to promote your video. And Don’t forget, this isn’t something that has to be done after the video has been published. 

Because you know that you won’t have a URL for the video until you actually upload it, we set up this email, you know, days before the video goes out, because and then all we have to do is go back and change the URL of the video. So that’s something that we’d like to make a habit of doing so you’re not kind of leaving everything for the last minute. So that’s one of the really nice things that I like about ConvertKit. So then, and we love ConvertKit and I hope that you do too, and there’s actually a link below if you want to sign up for yourself. They do have a free version. And we also have some other training videos for ConvertKit. So if you do use an email service, you know what, tell me what that is. 


6. Schedule the Email

So the last step is just to click the next step and then Just Kind of double check everything. Another thing I really love about ConvertKit is that you can schedule this. So if I wanted to send it out, you know, three days from now at nine o’clock in the morning, then I can schedule it. And it says it’s ready to go on the day that I selected. And You can see it under all broadcasts right here, it’s scheduled, and it says queued for October 7 at 9am. 

And this was the internal name that I Gave it sample email for video training. 

Are you going to share your YouTube Video to your Email List?

So that’s really all there is to it, to getting your video into an email and sending out to your list and make sure that you send it out to everyone you know, the other thing I Wanted to remind you about is you can have your virtual assistant take care of this for you, which I mentioned a bit earlier. And we have actually have a program called outsourcing for bosses, which teaches business owners and entrepreneurs how to train, hire and manage the right virtual assistant. And they’re always amazed by how many new subscribers and views they get when they mail out their videos every time they publish a new one. So we hope you found this video helpful. 

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And until I see you again. Dream Big