How Do I Get Clients As A Freelancer VA or Social Media Marketer

See, you need to get clients for your business. And ideally, you’d like to get them quickly in this video. I’m gonna talk to you about how to get clients. I am not gonna talk to you about sites like Fiverr. I’m going to talk about other ways that you can build your business and get clients quickly. 


Make sure to stay till the end of the video where I’ll talk to you about a great program to help you build your brand , which can help you bring in more business. We help freely answers virtual assistants and social media managers build their businesses.


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Hi. My name is Kirsten Graham, and I’m so excited to be here with you today. I told you a little earlier that I’m not gonna talk about fiber. I’m gonna talk about other ways that you can build your business. But I have to disclose right now. 


In order to do these things, you need to have a brand for your business. You should ideally name your business, have a logo, have a website. It doesn’t have to be a huge website, couple pages or fine. And ideally, you should have a social media presence anywhere that your clients hang out . 


So you haven’t done that. That will be important for these five steps, because sometimes you need to hand out your business card. You need to ask people toe like or follow you on social media, and it’s really important that business owners see you as a business owner. They want to see you as a professional person, someone that’s in their shoes, someone that they can like and trust because they know that you own a business just like they dio will give them more faith that they can help you. 


So let’s jump in. The financial industry as well as the real estate industry, has amazing training programs . Thes air industries that make a lot of money is in their best interest to make sure the real estate ages and financial planners are well trained. One of the first things they focus on is the sphere of influence. If you haven’t heard that term before, it’s basically everyone you know It’s your family, your friends, your co workers, everyone who would know who you are if you picked up the phone and call them. The reason making this list is important is because this is a great place to start talking about your business. 


Now I know some of you may be thinking, but my friends and my family, they’re not interested in my service, and that’s OK. Your friends and family also no other people. It’s very likely if they know what you’re doing, and they can talk about your business for you. They will recommend your service. Remember, we all have spheres of influence, and we love helping people we love saying, Hey, this was a great restaurant. I went to our If you need to have business cards made, you should go to this place and have them made. My daughter got a haircut of the salon and it was fabulous. We like to recommend and refer people, but your spirit influence cannot refer you

if they don’t know what you dio. So make sure to tell them about your business. 


Now. Doing this is actually gonna help you in two different ways.


First of all, it may bring you referrals. That’s the main thing we want to focus on. So being able to explain to your spirit influence what you do, who your ideal client is, what services you offer and how those services help. Your client is really important . The more times you explain this, the better you’re gonna get. 


So if you have 50 people on your list and you reach out to all 50 whether it’s, ah, phone call and email a text message, however , you reach out to them and you tell them Hey, this is my new business and this is what I do. And this is who I serve and this is how this helps them. You’re gonna get better and better, and that’s gonna make you feel more confident.


In the comments below. Let me know what kind of networking you plan on doing to build your business. 


The second thing you could do is ask your friends and family to like your Facebook page or to follow you on Instagram. They genuinely want to help you, but sometimes they don’t know how. 


So you could simply say, Hey, Uncle John, I just want to call and tell you that I have started freelancing . I offer my skills as a writer to small businesses. I know you don’t own a business, and that’s okay. But I was thinking, If you have any friends at own businesses that you could recommend me to , I really appreciate that. And by the way, I have a Facebook page. If you wouldn’t mind, I could send you a link, and you could like it again. These air small Ask that they can make a huge difference in your business there are lots of great businesses, probably in your own backyard that could use your services. And a way to reach those business owners is through things like the Chamber of Commerce. Be an eye groups, meet ups, Raja Preneurs. 


There are so many ways to get out in network for business, and I would highly recommend that you learn this skill because it makes a huge difference and how quickly you can grow your business and what you can charge. Local business often pays more than online business on the online space. It’s often very competitive if your own fiber. You know that already.


Another way you can Network is online so you can answer questions on Link Dent or Twitter or Facebook. You can get involved with Facebook groups for entrepreneurs. And if someone says, Hey, I’m looking for someone to help me with my copy writing you could say, Hey, that’s exactly what I do to give me and I’ll tell you more if you’re a social media manager And someone asked a question like What software should I used to schedule my social media posed? You can jump in and say, Hey, I’m a social media manager and this is the tool that I like best. You can also say I’ve used these other tools and they’re all great, but this is the one that I prefer again. You’re showcasing your expertise and you’re also putting out there that Hey, this is what I dio. They just might want to hire you or someone else who’s reading. These comments may want to hire you, so that’s networking online and again, networking online is up building relationships. 


So as you answer questions and as you comment on things, you’re helping other people out. You’re engaging. Always make sure to focus on the relationship, whether it’s online marketing or offline marketing. People do business with people they like and trust. That’s why your spirit influence is important. And that’s why networking is so important . People who either use your service, I’ll refer you to someone who can use you. So relationships are everything. 


Another thing that could help you get clients is building a very solid social media presence. You need to decide, Where are your customers? Are they on Facebook or they on instagram or they all linked in? And then you need to really master that platform post every day, answer questions. 


Make sure your social media platforms air branded to your business and that you’re consistent. You want to take every opportunity to let people see what you do and how you do it and how consistent you are as a business owner with your own marketing. Same is true for blogging. 


Longing is a great way to improve your CEO on your website, as well as educate your potential customers on what you do and how you do it. It lets them see how knowledgeable you are. And you’re adding value, your answering questions that they may have. And that’s very helpful again, it’s about building like and trust. If you’re helping your potential client by writing content, it really helps them, helps them grow their business. Then we’re likely to reach out to you and say, Hey, is there a possibility of us working together the fourth way? You can grow your businesses with ads, and this could be Facebook ads linked in YouTube ads could be a great way to build your brand. And to get clients, you just need to make sure that you’re running ads on platforms where your clients hang out. 


Make sure your message is clear, and then you have a solid call to action. In my experience as or something people generally do a little further along in their business when they have money and they have the experience to run the ads or they can afford to hire someone I really recommend you focus on the 1st 3 things your spirit influence , networking on and off line and building your brand across your social platforms.


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And until I see you again, dream big.