How A Marketing VA Can Help You Hit Your Goals 2021

In this blog, we’re going to talk about all things clubhouse and how it can help you grow your business. 

We’re also going to talk about the concept of the dream 100 and how it can help you build a collaborative community and connect with people that you would have never connected with before. 

Hi, I’m Kirsten. And if you’re ready to grow your business with a marketing virtual assistant doing all the heavy lifting, so that you have time for things like club house.

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What is Dream 100 and Why is it Important?

Okay, first things first, what is the dream 100 of all the concept really was brought to light by guiding Chet Holmes, he worked for a big magazine, and the magazine was not doing really well. So he looked at all of the other competition out there. 

And he realized that there are a few companies that really spent the most advertising dollars, he made a list of who those companies were. And then he went after them fiercely. So his dream 100 lists was about making sales to advertisers who could help his magazine grow. It didn’t take long before he had every one of the people on his dream 100 list advertising in a magazine. 

The magazine went from being a very low rated magazine to the number one magazine now the person I learned about the dream 100 promos, Russell Brunson, just loves that guy. 

He’s talking about using your dream 100 list to talk to people and collaborate with people who have your ideal target market. So in other words, there are people that you could collaborate with past referrals to do joint ventures with and have joint partnerships with the ways that you guys could work together because you have the same audience, you should also consider adding public relations specialists to your dream 100 


These are people who can get you published in different media platforms so that you’re talking to your target market, your dream 100 list can also have podcasters who are talking to your target market podcasters that you would love to have interview you. Same thing with YouTubers. If there’s someone out there who has a YouTube channel, put them on your dream 100 list so you can find ways to collaborate with them. help them build their audience while you’re building your audience. That’s the concept of the dream 100 list. 

So now that you know who to put on your dream 100 list how do you connect with them?

What is Clubhouse?

Clubhouse is a new social platform.

It’s only available on iOS, which is an iPhone or an iPad, they’ll be opening it up to Android and other technologies soon, I’m sure that it’s audible, so you’re just listening to it.

There’s no video, there’s no texting, there’s no visuals, it’s just people in rooms having conversations. Now you have to get invited to join the clubhouse, which makes it very exclusive.

So there’s always that FOMO fear of missing out. 

But there are amazing people in their hosting rooms and moderating rooms. And It’s just a fantastic place to be. One of the things I love most about joining the clubhouse over the past few weeks is I have gotten more steps on my Fitbit than ever before, because I throw my little dog and this stroller and we just go for a walk.

I have my earbuds and I just totally listen to all these amazing conversations that are going on in the clubhouse and making a list of people that I’d like to connect with. 


So how can you use clubhouse to grow your business? First of all, it’s an amazing platform for learning. They’re absolutely brilliant people and they’re having conversations that every business owner can use. There’s also wonderful people having conversations about mindset. And that’s something we can often use. 

There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t learn something when I’m in the clubhouse. And I always get off of that app fired up and excited about my business. So it’s something that’s just gonna pump great adrenaline through your veins and keep you fired up about your business. And some of these people that are hosting these rooms are people that you would never be able to talk to. So if you’re in a room with someone who, again, like a Gary Vee or someone like that, you can raise your hand and have a conversation with them. And I feel like that’s just such a great learning opportunity. 

You get to talk to some of the people that you’ve admired and respected. So for learning, it’s a great tool for entrepreneurs. The second way is making sales and let’s face it, that’s the reason why we’re all on social platforms. 

When you’re hosting a room or moderating or you’re even contributing to a conversation, people get to know you, they start to like you, they start to trust you. they’ll follow you on Instagram, perhaps they’ll opt in to your email list and they will buy from you.

I’ve heard lots of success stories about people making tons of sales, but ultimately they’re going to buy from you because they trust you they like you they see that you know what you’re talking about. So the clubhouse will help you make sales. A third way is to build your dream 100 list. 

How can you communicate with your Dream 100?

1. Have a look at different profiles

So the first thing you want to do is view profiles. Start looking for people who are on your dream 100 list or who you want to put on your dream 100 list, check out their profile, go to their website, check out their Instagram Count to everything that you need to do to make sure they are a good fit for you.

2. Follow someone who has the same interest as you

The next thing you want to do is follow them. And just like on YouTube, you can ring the bell so that you get notified when they’re in a room or when they’re hosting a room, you want to make sure you do that, because you want to go to as many rooms as possible that they’re hosting, and you want to contribute. 

3. Show up in their rooms and contribute something valuable to conversations

So that’s tip number three, show up in their rooms, add to the conversation, contribute, that’s going to make them see that you are like them, you’re adding value, you’re honest, you have integrity, and you want to build a real relationship. 

4. Start a room of your own with an interesting topic

A fourth thing you can do is try to moderate or moderate rooms with them. So that someone on your dream 100list, you can always say, hey, if you need an extra moderator, I’m happy to do that for you. Or you can even invite them to co host a room with you. You can say hey, I’m kind of in a new clubhouse. We both talked about this topic, or we both have the same audience, would you be open to hosting a room together or moderating one of my rooms. 

So you want to reach out and try to co moderate rooms with them. So that’s the next thing I would do to start really building that relationship in the clubhouse with someone on your dream 100 list. 

5. Connect with your Dream 100 through their other social media platforms after speaking with them on Clubhouse

Okay, so number five, connect with them on Instagram. In your profile on clubhouse, you could have two live links, and that’s Instagram and Twitter. So make sure you follow that person on Instagram, comment on their post, send them a DM, that’s the best way to have a back and forth conversation with them. 

6. Start a conversation with them again, on Twitter or LinkedIn this time

Number six is follow them on Twitter, if you’re on Twitter get involved in their conversations there again, the more often they see you in different places, the more likely they are to recognize you and to start building that relationship with you that they like and trust. So number seven clubhouse does not give you an opportunity to add your LinkedIn profile in your bio with a live link. But a lot of people in the clubhouse are very active on LinkedIn.

So it also makes the effort to connect with your dream 100 list on LinkedIn, you could always endorse them. And you could always write a recommendation for them. 

Even if you haven’t worked with them, you could write them a recommendation about the quality of content they’re putting out in the clubhouse, how you’ve learned so much from them, how genuine they are, how much they offer to help other people. So you can write them a recommendation like that. That’s also going to make them see you and recognize you and they’re going to appreciate that. Remember the dream 100 concept is all about building relationships with people you’d like to collaborate with.

The best way you can do that, as they say in DNI is givers gain show up and be a giver. 

You’re busy, so how can you find the time to use Clubhouse on a daily basis?

Now you may be thinking where am I going to find the time for clubhouse, we hear you and this is where marketing virtual assistants can come into play. 

We encourage our clients to outsource as much as possible, freeing them up for places like club houses, it’s an opportunity to really grow your business and it’s an opportunity you do not want to miss trust me, you want to outsource as much as possible so you can spend time in the clubhouse. 

The relationships and the business that’s being done is unreal.

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And until I see you again. Dream Big