Getting great referrals is one of the most important things you can do for your business. Word of mouth is a powerful advertisement, and referrals from happy clients and raving fans can really help your business grow. But how do you get those great referrals?

Take good care of your clients.

In order to receive referrals from your clients, it’s important that their interactions with you are as positive and enjoyable as possible. Even after your work together is done—whether that’s closing a sale or finishing loan paperwork—it’s a good idea to keep in touch with former clients over time. Reaching out through social media and newsletters is a great way to do this. Staying connected keeps you in the forefront of their mind so that, if they know others who need a realtor or loan officer, they’re more likely to make a referral back to you.

real estate business referrals | Live Love MarketingLet them know how to refer business back to you.

They can do this through engagement with your Facebook posts (Like, Comment, or Share), giving you a recommendation on LinkedIn, or forwarding your email marketing. Invite this kind of engagement through your social media content by asking questions that allow your clients space to respond and share stories.

Be sure you build relationship that foster networking and referrals with other businesses.

As with clients, Like, Comment, and Share other business’ social media content, comment on their blog posts, and give them LinkedIn recommendations. Have you worked with a great painting company recently? Did someone go above and beyond? Give them the praise they deserve, that recommendation will look good to their boss and make others want to work with them. Interactions with other businesses can easily evolve into mutually beneficial referral relationships. Show them you want to help get the word out about their businesses, and it’s likely that they will return the favor.   In getting referrals, remember to be proactive. A little work keeping up with clients and business professionals can go a long way. As you begin to build your referrals and develop referral sources, let those parties know that you appreciate their referrals and their business. Have you signed up for our Referral Builder tool yet? A fantastic way to get those referral rolling in!

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