Freelancers use video marketing to help clients build their businesses

Video Marketing

Video Marketing To Help Clients Build Their BusinessesAs a freelance or social media marketer or virtual assistant, it’s important for you to offer services to your clients that can truly help them grow their businesses.

Video Marketing can do just that. It’s a service, it’s in very high demand. And the people who offer video marketing are often outrageously expensive. Most of the small businesses out there can’t afford it, and they find it very intimidating.

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Hi, my name is Kirsten Graham with six figure business coaching. And my very first client who was in social media marketing was Jeannie Wilson. Jeannie is now my business partner. So it’s been many many years ago. We absolutely love helping women grow businesses. And we know that if you’re offering social media marketing to your clients, video marketing is a key way to grow your business and truly help yourself clients make sales. So we’re excited to tell you all about video marketing today.

What is video marketing? In the simplest form video marketing is a content strategy using video. And video is phenomenal because it helps you build relationships. It also helps people build like and trust with you. And they’re more likely to watch a video than to read a blog post or an article. Video Marketing has so many benefits, and I’m going to list just a few video marketing drive sales, it builds trust. It reveals your personality. It increases your online presence and increases brand awareness, and it boosts social media engagement just to name a few. Just out of curiosity, why do you think video marketing is important? Let us know below in the comments. I always love to hear your point of view.

Educational Videos

Video Marketing To Help Clients Build Their BusinessesWhen explaining video marketing to our clients. We generally explain that there are four different types of video marketing, educational videos, these videos teach you something about the business And educates the customer or the audience about the products or services that you offer. Educational videos can also answer Frequently Asked Questions like an offer tips and tricks. You can also share things like your team’s bio and what problems they saw.

If your consumers need to reach out to someone on your team. You can also have product videos, product videos, highlight a product that you offer, often in very creative ways. You can also use video testimonials, testimonials are important for any business, people are more likely to trust a company if a peer or someone having a similar need, recommends their business. Like I said video really builds like and trust. You can also do announcement videos, announcement videos can help create anticipation and generate buzz around a new product you’re launching to encourage an audience beforehand. You can also use announcements to announce a new team member or to announce charity work that you’re doing. There’s so many great ways to use it, announcement videos.

As you can see, there are many ways to use video to market a small business. What I love most about video marketing is you can create one video and use that for multiple forms of content. For example, you can post the video on YouTube and then you can share with your clients email list. You can also then share a teaser on their Facebook page driving that traffic back to their YouTube channel. You can also post the full video a week later on Facebook, you can share the video via Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest your client gets so much value out of a video because there’s so many ways to repurpose it. You can also take the video content transcribe it and use it as a blog post on their website. So again, video is going to help with keyword research. Because one you’re putting the video in text on their website to your shared through social media and driving traffic back to their website. So video marketing is a great way to help with SEO.

Now let me share a couple of stories with you about how our Clients are actually using video marketing to help their clients drive revenue. First of all, one of our clients has an auto mechanic as a client. It’s a small local business. And she’s been doing their email marketing and Facebook marketing for a little over a year. She went in and said, Hey, I think we should add video marketing. And this is why she explained all the benefits of video marketing. She explained to him what her vision was for creating the content for his business. And she also explained how they would repurpose this content. So he was very excited, but he was a bit intimidated. He thought she was going to come in with some huge video crew, and it just seemed overwhelming to him. She explained to him No, I’ll come in with my iPhone, a tripod and some lights. It’s going to be a very simple video, but it will look amazing. Most importantly is going to communicate with your target market and it’s going to help them build like and trust with you. So he agreed and they were off to a great start. A year later, he is loving the video marketing and it’s doing some really amazing things. He actually ended up referring her to his church. His Church does a lot of outreach. And once a quarter, they actually service cars for single moms and people in the community who need help. So he talked to the church about creating a video that would explain why they do this ministry, what you have to do in order to get your car on the listing get serviced, and the church agreed that it was a great way to promote their car servicing ministry. They also hired her to do multiple videos for their church in their outreach programs. So that’s one simple story about how our client ended up using video marketing. For an auto mechanic.

One of our clients does video marketing for a restaurant. This is a privately owned restaurant and it’s owned by a chef. Her strategy was let’s do a video once a month of you making a favorite recipe that’s on the menu. Now a lot of people think well why would a restaurant share a recipe when people could then make it at home? This turned out to be a huge success for this business, he would actually show how to make the dish start to finish. It took him an afternoon to do the video. But then they used again, the video and all of their different marketing platforms. And they offer that dish as a special for the next couple of weeks. They had so many people that came in and commented on how much they enjoyed the video, how they were looking forward to making the dish in the future, they ordered that particular dish for dinner. So as you can see, you can educate people and teach them things that you do without fear of losing business, having someone come into your restaurant, because you show them all the amazing ingredients that you use. You show them how long it takes to make a particular dish. You told them all of your secrets to making it fabulous. And you made that too special and offered a discount on it. It’s a great way for people to get to know the chef get to know the restaurant. It’s also content that they can share. So many people will share that video with their friends and family. And that’s it. Introduces new people to that business.

I’m telling you video marketing is when it’s when for you the freelancer or social media marketer who wants to offer the service. And it’s a win for the client. Because it can bring in new business, it can bring in repeat business, it gives them content that they can use in many, many places, which is very smart. As we all know, trying to create original content can be challenging. So I highly recommend that you consider offering video marketing as one of your services, make sure you price it appropriately, it should be something that’s very profitable to you and your business.

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