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Outsource Youtube Video Editing & Transcription


Keyword research to come up with your title in video marketingYou have to do your keyword research to come up with your title, you have to script your video, you need to record your video and before you can record your video you have to put on your makeup and make sure your backgrounds Okay, so there is a lot that goes into recording a YouTube video, but recording the video is just the first part, then you need to edit the video you need to add all the B roll and make the video interesting you have to transcribe the video and then upload it and then start marketing the video.

I’m really lucky because my business partner is a creative who has crazy amazing tech skills. So it was really easy for her to edit our first few videos. The problem was she didn’t really enjoy it, and it was taking time away from things that she should have really been doing. So we decided to outsource our video editing and transcription. I’m going to tell you how we did that. And please make sure to stay till the end of the video because I have an absolutely amazing resource for you.

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Hi, my name is Kirsten Graham with Six Figure Business Coaching. Along with my business partner Jeanne Willson, we help busy entrepreneurs learn to outsource tasks so that they can focus on things that drive revenue, and ultimately have more free time when we decide to add YouTube to our marketing plan.

We had no idea how long it was going to take to create, publish and market each video. After a couple of months, we decided we absolutely had to outsource our editing and our transcription. We’ve had a virtual assistant working for us for years, so we understand how important it is to have a process in place before you hire.

The first thing we did was we set up YouTube folders in our Google Drive, we created a place for our keyword research, writing our tags, and our description, our script, a place for our raw video footage to go as well as our B roll of images along with our final video footage. We then set up boards and tasks in our project management software, Asana so we could track how our videos were moving through the process. Project management software is really key when you’re working with a team. So this is the first time you’ve outsourced to someone, please
make sure to check out Asana and Trello. Those are our two favorite project management software for beginners.

Our next step was to hire a video editor. Most of the time we go to job boards like Upwork Fiverr, or onlinejobs.ph. But this time, we found our editor in a Facebook group. He’s a very skilled video editor, and he had great ideas for how we can make our videos better, and we’re truly happy with him. And I’m not saying this just because he’s editing this video. He really is fabulous. He was really easy to get him up and running because we had a process in place.

We added him to Asana and we shared our Google Drive with him. This allowed him to jump right in and focus on being creative with editing our videos. If you’re ready to hire a video editor, here are a few tips for you.

Leverage Technology

Asana and google drive we use for leverage technologyMy first tip is leverage technology like I said we use Asana and Google Drive. Setting up a process will make your life so much easier.

That leads me into step two, create a process. If you don’t know how to plug your editor into your process, it’s going to make it a lot more confusing for your editor. And for you guys, and that can be very frustrating.

The third thing you want to do is write up a job description. What do you want your video editor to do? Do you want them to edit your video? Find the B roll look for images? Do you want them to transcribe the video? Do you need them to pull small video clips for you social platforms? Make sure to think about all of the tasks that you want your editor to do. It’s very important when you start interviewing to know exactly what you want.

The fourth tip I can give you is to set a budget. What do you plan to spend on your video editing? Remember, when you’re hiring a freelancer who’s very skilled, they’re going to be more expensive than just hiring a virtual assistant who is not skilled in video editing. So make sure you consider what it’s going to cost you to hire a professional well trained Video Editor.

Now that you have your job description and budget, it’s time to go to places like Upwork or Fiverr or online jobs.ph and start looking for candidates. You can do this by posting a job or just searching the people that are available on those sites. There really is a lot of great talent out there. So make sure you interview a lot of different people ask the same questions, take great notes, and then hire the person that you think will be best for the position once you’ve hired your video editor.

My last tip Tip number six is please make sure you show them your process and work with them on the first few videos. Communication is key to building a great relationship and to getting great results. Your video editor is not a mind reader, you need to show them different styles of video editing that you like. You need to communicate very clearly what edits you want to have made. And also make sure to ask for their ideas. If you’re hiring a skilled editor, they will often bring a lot more to the table than just editing your videos they can often cut. You are giving you tips and ideas. Working together collaboratively will make your videos 100 times better.

Once your video editor is up and running, then you can focus on creating great content building your channel and your business.

I told you about a fabulous resource for you. Our video editor Dia is taking on new clients. So if you’re interested in hiring a skilled video editor, Here is the link for Diaa’s information https://www.facebook.com/DiaaElsengedy . He really is fabulous.

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