Getting in the grove in any sales job can be a bit of a challenge but real estate sales seems to be a world all its own. The key is knowing what has to be done and working with your energy flow – finding your rhythm to get it done with ease.

never behind | Live Love MarketingEach of us has our own rhythm, times during the day when we have more energy and focus, places where our good ideas seem to pop into our heads (like in the shower). Some of us get energy from being around others, some of us need time alone to recharge or maybe you need a bit of both to stay in balance. Knowing your rhythm can help you get more done faster and with a lot less stress.

Ask yourself:

  • What task/activities give me energy?
  • What task/activities drain me?
  • Where and when do I get my best ideas (the answers to those problems)?
  • When do I feel my best – early in the day or later in the evening?
  • Who do I spend time with that charges me up? Who drags me down?
  • What can I do to bring up my energy? (ie: workout, spend time in nature, read, EFT tapping etc.)

Know thy self. Yes knowing the answers to these questions can really help you become more productive and help you hit your goals. It will also help you have better relationships and give your more peace of mind.



Ways this information can work for you
Lets face it some task are just more fun than others they because they give us energy. I always loved spending time with my clients, however, I never really liked putting the loan package together, making copies or scanning. But I found my rhythm was to get it done right after the client left while I was full of energy (I piggy backed the actively so to speak).If I left it on my desk until the next morning it would just set my day off on the wrong foot.

Now, I know what you’re thinking, sometimes you just run out of time and have to leave it. That is true but when I got in the habit of planning to do it, I found I was able to do it more often than not.

On those days you can’t, just do your best to work with your energy flow – your rhythm – as much as you can. You will find that you get more done in a lot less time and with way more joy in your life.


Real People, Real Energy
Jeanne is a power house in the morning. She is at her desk at 5:30 ready to get to it. Her energy is high and her focus is clear. She uses this time to get the top priority things on her list done. This is not a time for checking emails or doing bookkeeping. It’s her best work time so she capitalizes on that.

We have a client who shared with us that answering these questions and finding her energy times changed her business and her life. She had been friends with a women for many years and when our client decided to get her real estate license the friend was very negative. It wasn’t that she was just not supportive she seemed angry about it.

After we asked her the question ‘who drags you down’ she started to cry because she knew it was long past time to put some space in this friendship. And she did. Not only that but she got more involved in her local chamber, meet some other women in business and found new friends who shared her passion for helping others, goal setting and personal growth.

The result was, her energy went up, her passion for her real estate career grew and her new relationships gave her joy, challenged her to be better and all this ultimately lead to more business. She said its not just about the business, “I get energy and joy from people and I love being supportive and helpful to others. I want to foster those kinds of relationships.”


What can you do?
Everyday do something for you that brings your energy up. This is a key part of working with your rhythm. If you like to read, keep a book with you so you can get 5 or 10 minutes in while you are waiting for the home inspector to show up. If you just left a networking meeting on the other side our town, stop at that beautiful park and take a 20 minute walk before heading back to the office. Sometimes something simple like ‘being in nature’ will clear your head and help you focus.

We all know how good it feels to be in the zone – that fantastic rhythm where we are full of energy, getting things done and others seem to be drawn to us. We can impact our families, friends and our business when we choose to nurture our own rhythms.

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