Email Opt In Ideas That Build Your List

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Hi I’m Kirsten Graham with Six Figure Business Coaching and I have a question for you. How would your business and your revenue grow if you have, let’s say, a thousand prospects on your email list or what about five thousand?

Email marketing still has one of the highest ROI s out there and in today’s video we’re going to talk about ways for you to build your email list and ultimately drive revenue to your company, but before we do that I want to remind you to stay to the end of the video because we’re going to have an amazing guide, a free guide available for you to learn more about email marketing and how to do it so that it actually converts the people on your email list into people who are buying your product or service.

Before we jump into the five awesome opt-in ideas that I have for you today, I want to talk about the fact that when someone gives you their email address in return for something free, it’s very important that you make sure that that opt-in has incredible value. Remember, they’re giving you their email address because you’ve enticed them. You’ve told them about something fabulous that you’re going to give them. It represents you. So, make sure that it is fabulous. Make sure it solves their problem. Make sure it’s everything they expect it to be and then some, because that’s going to help them build like and trust with you. They’re gonna see that you under promise and over deliver and give great value.

The second tip is make sure that you brand your opt-in. You want it to look gorgeous. You know your website looks great. Your landing pages look fabulous. You want to make sure that your opt-in is branded. So it has your name, your email address, it has, if you take phone calls, it has your phone number. You want to make sure that whatever it is clearly has your brand all over it and they cannot forget about who gave it to them so if they’re looking at at six months or a
year later they know it came from you in your company.

So the first opt-in could be a guide or an e-book this is where you take the knowledge that you
have and your expertise and you put it into a simple guide or an ebook. Remember you wanted to have great content it doesn’t need to have a lot of fluff it needs to solve a problem.

Now the second opt-in idea is a checklist people love checklist and you know life can be so overwhelming. So if you can provide them a checklist you know here are the 15 things that you need to do to master email marketing or here are the 15 things that you need to do if you want to organize your closet here’s a checklist.

So there’s so many great ideas for checklist and it can be simple but you can brand it and make it gorgeous just out of curiosity in the comments below let me know one of the most fantastic opt-ins you’ve ever received think about it we all give our email addresses in return for things so think about what was the best opt-in that you ever received and why did you like it so much tell us a little bit about that because it’s gonna get you thinking about your opt-in and maybe what you could provide.

So opt-in number 3 our templates and swipe files and these are fantastic because they are done for you so this might be a swipe file of an email you know welcome email or a follow up email series and it could be something that they can use as is or they may need to customize it but people love templates and swipe files because the work is done for them, so it is a fantastic idea for an opt-in.

So if there’s something that you could provide like that strongly consider it number four is webinars and workshops one of our clients does bookkeeping for small businesses and her opt-in is a workshop on everything you need to know about keeping your books for a small business, what does the IRS looking for, how do you keep your mileage. So this is a fantastic workshop that she’s recorded and it’s always available and so if someone’s thinking about starting a business obviously they might be worried about taxes so they sign up for her workshop she gives their email address and then she continues to nurture that relationship, if she’s done a great job teaching them in her workshop they are gonna like her and they are gonna trust her and they’re very likely to hire her.

When they’re ready to hire someone to do their bookkeeping number five is video training and tutorials. I love video because it helps people build a relationship with you and one of our interior designers has done a phenomenal video tutorial on how to style a lanai.

Now we live in Florida and back home that would have been called a screened-in porch but in Florida they’re called a lanai and so she does a video tutorial on completely how to style a lanai so how to set up your seating area you know how to set up you know sunset area so you can watch the sunset and she showcases three different one eyes that all are very different styles contemporary bohemian somewhat modern and she showcases how these Lenise have been styled just to give people ideas of what they can do with their own eyes but what it does is it builds relationship with her and the person watching the video and so this was a great opt-in and it really paid off because people love learning they love seeing video and then they get to see what she can do they get to see that she can do several different styles you know and they see that she’s not a one-dimensional designer so if there’s a way for you to do a video tutorial or training I highly recommend that video is. think it’s key to everything in this day and age but it is a fantastic idea for an email opt-in.

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