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I am so excited that you’re here today to learn how to use the rituals for living, Dream book and planner to run your business

Today I’m going to share a story with you about one of our clients and how she successfully use the dream booking planner to actually leave her full time job, pay off $15,000 a debt and get where she wanted to go in her life. 

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Subscribe to our youtube channelHi, I’m Christina. I’m a six figure business coaching. We work with freelancers, virtual assistants, and social media managers to help them start and build successful businesses.

Today we’re going to talk about goal setting one of my favorite topics, and we’re going to use

the dream book and planner. 

But before I get started, I want to give you a little bit of backstory a little over 15 years ago, I was introduced to a program called Strategic Coach. And in that program, we learned how to use a tool called the pocket coach. And I love this tool. 

Lifetime goalOne of the things we did was set lifetime goals, three year goals and one year goals for the past. 15 years I’ve used the pocket coach along with my day planner to run my business until I found the dragon trees dream book and planner. And it is a game changer

So today we’re actually going to set a lifetime goal 10 year goal, three year goal, one year goal and talk about breaking it down to projects. It’s going to be easier than you could ever imagine. And I’m actually going to share a story with you. It’s about one of our clients, but I’m not going to use her name. I’m going to change her name to Sally to protect her privacy, but we’re going to talk about some actual goals that she set and achieved and how she did that. 

So quick backstory on Sally. She was 40 years old recently divorced. She had one child in college and one child out of the house. She was $15,000 in debt, and she wanted to start a side hustle that she could grow into a full-time business

Now in her full time job. She was an admin but she also managed social media for the company. And she loved doing that and she figured out she was quite good at it. So she wanted to offer social media marketing services to other companies.

As a side hustle with the hope to grow it into a full time business when we met and started talking about goals, when I brought up setting the lifetime goal, she felt very overwhelmed. But by the end of the session, this was her first lifetime goal, her lifetime goal for her business and her finances. She wanted to have $1 million invested, she felt like she could pull 4% each year off of that money, which would give her a $40,000 annual salary in retirement as well as her social security. 

She was also hoping that she’d be in a happy relationship by then and not living alone. But her goal was also to be able to sell the business to make sure her home was paid for. So that was her lifetime goal for her business and her finances

Now we get to work backwards. Her 10 year goal is to have a gross income of $250,000 from her business, she knew she would have to have people working for her. So her goal was to have at least three other people working for her managing social media for all of the clients that she was able to bring into the business. So that was her 10 year goal. 

Her three year goal was to be able To leave her full time job and have $100,000 a year of income coming in from her business, her one year goal was to have five clients who paid her an average of $1,000 a month to handle their social media marketing

She also wanted to be debt free, she wanted to pay off that $15,000 of credit card debt. So that was her one year goal.

Now we have to go and break it down to projects. And this is what I love about the planner

So we’re going to turn to the one year project planner plan, what I will accomplish this year, this is an awesome page. This is where you’re just going to brain dump all of the projects that you need to do in order to achieve your goals. And I’m talking about all of your goals, not just your business goals

I love this page, and I often come back to it. 

So over the course of the year when I’m adding new projects, I always put them on the one year project planner, because I like to see at the end of the year, all of the things that I’ve done. So you won’t have all of the projects on this at one time. You will add projects to it. As, as months go by. 

So this is a great tool to be able to assess at the end of the year, all the things that you accomplished

So Sally is going to write down a couple of projects. One, she needs to start her business to, she needs to market her business. And the third thing she needs to focus on is money. So budgeting and financing, so we’re going to list those as her projects. 

Now, obviously marketing her business is an ongoing project. So she will have marketing projects in every quarter. But we’re going  to start off with the first quarter from the plan page, you Next go to the quarter one breakdown, and you move over the projects that you need to do in this quarter. 

So we’re going to start off with Sally starting her business. So she’s going to create that as a project for this quarter. She’s then going to go to Pricing servicesthe project page and break down all of the steps that she needs to do for this project. Under the project of starting her business. Sally has listed multiple tasks. One she needs to come up with a name for her company and she also needs to buy the domain name. She will wants to create contracts and proposals, she wants to get very clear on her pricing and the services she’s going to offer.

So these are all tasks around starting her business. The second project Sally is going to work on is marketing. This is where she’s going to decide on her colors, create her logo,have business cards made, set up a website, set up our social media platforms, right her marketing plan

Now what’s awesome about having these projects is now you have tasks that you can move into your calendar, you’re not going to get all of these things done at one time. And it can be overwhelming if you think about all of the steps right now. But if you say okay, in week one, I’m going to decide on my name. in week two, I’m going to work on getting my logo done. In Week

Three, I want to hire a web designer. As you can see, you’re going to move the task from your projects into your calendar. And this is how you stay focused and get more done than you could ever imagine. 

If you’re excited to use a dream book planner for your business, please type in the comments below and let Know what kind of business you’re in. We’d love to hear more about you and what you’re doing.

Okay, so now you know how Sally set up her business goals, how she broke it down into projects. And now I’m going to tell you how it happened.

In Sally’s first year she did take on seven clients, she actually took on seven clients. Her average, though was only $800 a month for those clients. By the end of year one, she did pay off all of her debt she was loving own in her business

Now she ended up leaving her full time job in year two, not your three because they had some restructuring at her company. And she was so excited to move forward with her business full time by year three. She did have a six figure income, and she was hiring people to help her grow her business

Sally is really awesome at getting clients. She’s very clear on the services that she offers and our pricing is spot on. She does a great job. So she often gets referrals. She’s in the process now of really building her business. She’s not doing the client work. She’s managing the client relationship and she’s going out and getting more client’s and then managing her team

As you can see Sally is well on her way to achieving her 10 year goal. Each year she rewrites her goals in her planner and some of them have started to change a little bit and you’ll find that that will happen for you as well. Don’t be afraid to set huge goals and have big dreams. If you’re

willing to do the work. Anything is possible time management and structure is key in your dream book and planner can provide just those things. 

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I will see you in the next video and until then Dream Big!