chocolate covered bacon and sales and marketing | Live Love MarketingWhile in North Carolina’s beautiful Outer Banks I was asked to try chocolate covered bacon. I’ll have to confess I love chocolate and I love bacon. How could I say no? It was interesting.

The first bite was very strange. I think I expected it to be strange. After all, we were trying it more as a gag, a dare. My friend only ate one bite leaving me with the rest of the strip. I’m so glad!

The second and third bite seemed more complex, the rich creamy milk chocolate had a hint of bacon and salt. As the chocolate melted away there was the crunch of the bacon with just a soft lingering of chocolate. With each bite I enjoyed it more and more. No I do not see chocolate covered BLTs in my future but I did learn a lesson.

We often try things just once and decide they are strange, don’t work or are not right for us. Being open to trying new things is important but being open to trying new things and giving them enough time to develop should be our goal.

Our sales and marketing skills take time to develop and so often we try something just once and decide it doesn’t work.

We send out a news letter but don’t get any business so we say news letters don’t work.

We take a sales training class but we didn’t sell 10 million the next month so we decide that stuff doesn’t work for us.

We want to encourage you to eat the whole piece of bacon not just a bite. It can take time to for new things to feel comfortable or for you to find your grove. Practice those new sales techniques and your numbers will improve. Give new things a chance to take hold and then build on them. Who knows you may be making yourself a chocolate covered BLT!

Tell us what new things you tried this week or share with us a story about something you almost gave up on but are so glad you didn’t.

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