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You work are growing your email list. You spend time creating valuable content for your audience. Isn’t it frustrating when people don’t open your email? Well, today I’m gonna talk to you about something called A/B testing, and that’s gonna help you with those open rates. Get those numbers up. I’m gonna explain to you what A/B testing is , how you use it and how could be a game changer for your business. And be sure to stay the end of this video where I’m gonna tell you how you can get a free email marketing guide that’s gonna help you triple your income. 

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Hi, my name is Jeanne Willson from six figure Business Coaching. And we’ve been helping our clients use email marketing to grow their business for over 15 years. 

Our clients love using convert kit for their email marketing, and today I’m gonna teach you how to use A/B testing for  subject lines, and you’re gonna be amazed at the results that you’re going to get. I don’t know. Our clients have been. 

So today we’re gonna talk about A/B testing, and that’s also called split testing. And the purpose of a B testing or what it actually is is really taking in this situation and email on what we’re gonna A be test is a subject line. 

So we’re gonna take two e mails that are exactly the same. But we’re gonna change the subject line. We’re gonna send out one, you know, with one subject line, and then we’re gonna send out the exact same email with a different subject line. Because, as you know, this electric line is one of the most important things in your email because that’s often times what people will use to determine whether or not they’re gonna open your email. And sometimes it’s what inspires them. Tow open your enough cause. Sometimes it’s a question, or it’s something like, you know, breaking news or help is inside for openness for a special offer, something that really entices them to really wanna open your email. But there’s obviously different ways to write those. There’s different copyrighting schools of thoughts, and you’re gonna have to test some things to better understand your audience. What inspires them to open your e mails because different people are motivated and inspired by different wording, different language. 

So that’s really what A/B testing is all about. We want o boost your open rate. We want more people to open your e mails because, like I said earlier, you know it’s It’s frustrating when you are taking the time and the effort to craft a beautiful female with information that you know is valuable for the people who are receiving it, and then they don’t even open it. So we want to make sure that they are opening it, and we want to help you with that.

The other thing that’s great about using A/B testing is that over time you’re gonna better understand what subject lines, what type of wording, what’s most effective with your audience . So you’re going to be able to analyze and going forward, you’re gonna be able to hopefully make those open rates higher and higher and higher. So more and more people who are receiving your e mails are gonna be opening them and seeing the fantastic content that you are putting out there. And, you know , as I said earlier, is that email marketing has the highest return on investment of any type of marketing. Are online marketing out there?

So now we’re gonna go. I’m gonna go ahead and show you we are actually using convert kits, which is a fantastic email software. It’s right now they do have a free option so you can use the free option. We’re not used in free option, but it has a lot of the same aspects to it that ours does. So if you don’t already have an account, go ahead and sign up for an account. And then once you are in there, this is what you’ll see. Cross the top. You see subscribers, which is just as it says. These are your subscribers. Automation Sze. If you choose to set those up landing pages, sequences and broadcasts, the broadcasts are the e mails that you send out individually.

So that’s what we’re gonna talk about today. So if you wanted to set up A/B testing for your subject line in Convert Kit, they make it incredibly simple, and I’m really excited to show that to you and to show you how simple that actually is. 

So we’re gonna cook on his big orange button over here that says new broadcast. And the first thing you do is you select you. This this one’s I’m gonna send this from Kirsten and I It says, Who’s gonna receive this? We’re gonna send this out to everyone, and then we’re gonna go over here. But you could add a filter here if you wanted to. Just send it out to certain people who had, for example, been tagged with a certain tag. So we’re gonna hit next step.

So here’s where the magic happens. So if we click on A/B right over here to see how we did that a slash B because this is where you put your subject line in it gives us two boxes. Okay, so the first box is for our first subject line in the second box is for a second subject line. So let’s say we’re gonna talk about email marketing. So the first thing that we’re gonna say Let’s say our email is about female marking is amazing for your business. Let’s say that’s what our email is all about. So the first subject line might be open.

Now you learn how you use email marketing . You grow your business exclamation point J. That might be a good one. Then we might write another subject line that is a little bit different. Maybe this one asks a question. Ready to learn how quickly email marketing can grow your business restaurant? Spell it right, and obviously the subject line needs to reflect what’s in the email and what they are gonna learn. But these are just two different ways to write your email subject line. And there’s a lot of different ways that you could write subject lines.

If you are looking for a resource for copyrighting, My friend Jim Edwards has an amazing book. It’s called Copyrighting Secrets, and I wanna put a link to that in the description below that, he talks about different ways to entice people to open your email, and it’s just like riding a headline for, for example, of Log Coast or landing pager writing a title. So you might want to say, you know the top five ways to do this for how to do this in this amount of time, or how to do this better than anyone else. So you’ve got a craft it in a way that you think again would be most appealing and most important and touch on the pain points of the people that you’re sending it to. You know what’s most important to them To get it done fast to get it done, you know, properly to include you know what’s most valuable to them . 

So these are great for our example, because I just really wanted to get some. I wanted to show you where you put your email subject line in here for your A/B. 

So you got the two subject lines and for example, this would be our email on. We would put, you know, lots of wonderful things in gear. You can even put on pictures in here, quotes and Harry , but buttons in here, just like any normal email, you can even set up your own template. That is for another video. Uh huh. And then, um, you would save this, OK , that we can hit on the next step. Then you can choose when you want to send it, so you can send it immediately or you could hit schedule and you couldn’t decide what day and what time that you want to go ahead and send it out and schedule it sometime in advance. But what I want to show you on this page and this is Step three of the 123 steps of create, creating and sending out your email is right here. You can see your two different subject lines . One is open now and learn how to use email. Marketing Girl, you’re been in business. One is ready to learn how to quickly email how quickly email marketing can grow your business that underneath that you can see it explains each variant. So the variant is are the two subject lines. Each burying is gonna be sent to 15% of the subscribers . 

So it’s gonna take, for example, if we had ah 100 subscribers, then 15 of them would receive one subject line. 15 of them would receive the other subject line and convert Kit would look at that and say which one of these two groups have the highest open rate and which ever one of those has the highest open rate? After four hours, it gives people four hours to open. It in which everyone has the highest open rate it will send the remaining 70% of the e mails to it will use that subject line for the remaining 70% of the e mails that go out. So that makes sense. I must say that one more time.

So if you had ah 100 subscribers 15 of them when you schedule us to go out, 15 of them will receive an email that has your first subject line on it, and 15 of them will receive the second subject line that you have and then convert. Kit will give them four hours to open the email after four hours, which ever one of those subject lines had the highest open rate, so the highest percentage of people who received it and opened it it will use that subject line for the remaining 70 people on your email list. 

So if it’s really , really clever, because basically it is helping you decide which one is the most effective subject line and it’s gonna help, it’s gonna automatically choose which one was the most popular and send it to the majority of your list 70% of your list. I think that is just such a great tool that convert could offer for you. 

So I’m gonna show you some examples. If I go back to broadcasts, I will show you what this will look like once you’ve sent out an email. So this is a great example. So this was a video, the subject line, a subject line, a was how to get game changing reviews and testimonials and why subject Line B was howto easily get testimonials and reviews and what to do if they’re bad. So they’re very similar , but they were a little bit different. So part of them went to Group A. Part of them went to Group B. Group A had a 15.3% open rate . Group B had a 13.2% open rate. So and again at that’s after 15 30% of them went out 15% to 1 group, 15% of the other. So then threw a one. So then the remaining 70% went to went out with subject line A. So I would love to hear in the comments .

Do you use A/B testing or have you used A/B testing in the past and I would love to hear your thoughts on how that worked out for you. Okay, so here’s another good example. So this had subject line A waas? So you want to create something cool on insta? Check this out. Subject Line B was still struggling with great graphics for your instagram account. So 145 people received both A and B a got a 16.6% open rate out of those 145 people. And then when BEA was sent out 245 people, it had an 18.6% open rate. So Subject Line B had a higher open rate, so that was determined the winner. So subject Line B was used for the remaining 70% of the people on the list , so it doesn’t make sense. I just think that this is so clever and such a A simple way to test out subject lines to have an option to do some split testing to learn more about your audience, to be able to be smarter about how you are sending out your content. 

So I hope now you can see how simple it is to do A/B testing with your subject lines using convert kit. So now that you understand how and why to use A/B testing in your email subject lines, be sure to check out the link below where you can get a free copy of our master email marketing to triple your income. It’s in the description below this video.

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