What if we told you we have an amazing exercise for you to do which is guaranteed to lift your spirits and remind you how awesome you are. It will take you about 5 minutes.

Would you do it? Well we do and here it is.

Get out a pencil and paper – or type it into a Word document for those who are going paperless.

celebrate the Realtor wins | Live Love MarketingCELEBRATE THE WINS
Thinking back over the last 3 months write down at least 5 positive things that happened to you. Maybe…

  • You had 5 closings
  • You finally completed that thing on your to do list that has been nagging at you
  • A past client sent you an amazing referral
  • You went for a walk or to the gym when you really didn’t feel like it
  • You called a friend or family member when they needed to talk
  • One of your clients did a really nice video testimonial for you
  • You have added over 100 new clients, prospects or referrals partners to your email marketing list

Do you feel that sense of accomplishment and that positive energy?

As a Realtor or loan officer it’s vital to keep your confidence level high. It helps to remember the accomplishments you have made – even the small ones because one builds on the other.

Now, be sure to take some time to celebrate those wins and treat yourself. Here are some ideas:

  • Get yourself a special coffee drink
  • Plan a night out with girlfriends
  • Take your dog for a walk
  • Call a dear friend to say hello

Remember, you have achieved so much already and you should celebrate those accomplishments – you deserve it!

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