In this episode, Kirsten and Jeanne talks to Francois Lupien, a dynamic sales coach with experience working alongside industry legends like Tony Robbins, Stephen Covey, and Bob Proctor. His expertise is solving business problems through effective sales strategies.

Episode Highlights:

1. Importance of Sales and Solving Problems:

   – Discussing the misconception of sales being associated with pushy tactics.

   – Emphasizing that sales is about solving someone’s problem and bridging the gap between their challenges and solutions.

   – The core of business is providing solutions for profit, which benefits both parties.

2. The Role of Questions in Sales:

   – Exploring the power of asking questions to understand the customer’s needs.

   – Using the analogy of helping someone cross the street to illustrate effective questioning.

   – Highlighting the difference between transactional exchanges and genuine service-oriented interactions.

3. Building Lasting Relationships through Service:

   – Stressing the importance of a genuine desire to help and care for customers.

   – Sharing insights on how serving instead of solely focusing on transactions leads to referrals and lasting relationships.

   – Emphasizing ethical practices and honest recommendations even if they don’t immediately lead to a sale.

4. Long-Term Perspective in Sales:

   – Discussing the value of long-term relationships in business, even if it takes time to see results.

   – Sharing examples of clients who became loyal fans over time due to consistent genuine service.

   – Advising entrepreneurs to approach sales with a relaxed and service-oriented mindset rather than a transactional focus.

5. When to Seek Sales Coaching:

   – Addressing the timing for entrepreneurs to consider seeking sales coaching.

   – Explaining that clients seek coaching at various stages, including when starting, leveling up, or facing challenges.

   – Highlighting the benefits of introspection and asking the right questions to identify hidden challenges.

6. Attracting Success Instead of Chasing Money:

   – Sharing wisdom from mentor Bob Proctor about focusing on attracting success instead of chasing money.

   – Illustrating how a mindset shift can lead to greater abundance and prosperity.

   – Emphasizing the connection between serving others and achieving financial success.


Francois Lupien’s insights shed light on the true nature of sales as a service-oriented practice. By focusing on solving problems, asking meaningful questions, and fostering genuine relationships, entrepreneurs can transform their sales approach into a powerful tool for long-term success. Remember, sales is about serving, not chasing.

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