In this episode, Kirsten and Jeanne share their journey of incorporating marketing virtual assistants to enhance their business efficiency. They discuss the significance of outsourcing tasks to experts, particularly in the realm of marketing. By streamlining your business with a marketing virtual assistant, you can focus on core activities, enhance productivity, and maintain consistent marketing efforts.

Key Talking Points:

1. The Benefits of Outsourcing and Cultural Learning:

   – Hiring virtual assistants for client work and marketing can revolutionize business growth.

   – Overcoming cultural differences and optimizing communication through modern tools.

   – Sharing tasks and mentoring assistants often yields creative solutions.

2. Expanding Your Reach with Multiple Platforms:

   – The evolving landscape of marketing platforms and strategies.

   – Balancing specialization on a primary platform (YouTube) and repurposing content across various platforms.

   – Personal branding’s significance in creating a connection with the audience.

3. The Power of Video Marketing:

   – Embracing the transformational impact of video marketing over the past few years.

   – Video as the most engaging content on social media platforms.

   – YouTube’s longevity and the evergreen potential of video content.

4. Building Personal Connection and Increasing Open Rates:

   – Establishing a personal brand through videos for deeper audience connections.

   – The power of video in email marketing to boost open and click-through rates.

   – Local businesses benefiting from video content for higher engagement.

5. Overcoming the Challenges of Video Marketing:

   – Time-consuming nature of video content creation and distribution.

   – The value of outsourcing video production, editing, keyword research, and more.

   – Collaborating with a marketing virtual assistant to review performance metrics.

6. Focus on Business Passion and Outsourcing:

   – Redefining business roles by focusing on tasks you love and excel at.

   – Overcoming guilt and stress by delegating tasks to virtual assistants.

   – Leveraging virtual assistants to streamline business processes, create courses, and design lead magnets.

7. Resources and Tools for Success:

   – Accessing resources for maximizing marketing virtual assistant benefits.

   – “Double Your Income with a Marketing Virtual Assistant” eBook.

   – “Create Video that Explodes Your Sales” webinar.


By integrating a marketing virtual assistant into your business strategy, you can effectively streamline operations, delegate tasks, and channel your energy into tasks that align with your passion. Outsourcing marketing activities enhances productivity, supports consistent content creation, and fosters business growth. Connect with Kirsten and Jeanie for further insights and assistance in optimizing your business efficiency.

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