Meet Mary Burrus, Realtor Extraordinaire

Mary Burrus, a Richmond, Virginia native, Realtor with Liz Moore Associates, shares her journey of combining real estate with her passion for serving and enhancing the quality of life.

– With a background in live production, Mary employs Ninja Selling principles focusing on mindset, connection, and service.

Unleashing the Power of Video Marketing

– Mary discusses the impact of Ninja Selling principles on her real estate career, emphasizing the importance of mindset, client connection, and service.

– Highlighting the effectiveness of video marketing, Mary shares her experience creating engaging content about Richmond, attracting both local and international clients.

The Fun in Video Creation

– Mary delves into the joy of making neighborhood videos, showcasing Richmond’s highlights and providing valuable information to potential clients.

– Balancing creativity with statistical insights, Mary emphasizes the versatility of -Ninja Selling strategies, catering to both analytical and creative audiences.

The Virtual Assistant Advantage

– Mary introduces her virtual assistant, Nika, emphasizing the pivotal role in content creation, strategy development, and ongoing support.

– Discussing the decision to invest in a virtual assistant early in her real estate career, Mary highlights the importance of focusing on core strengths and delegating time-consuming tasks.

Serving Clients and Planning for the Future

– Reflecting on personal experiences, Mary shares the motivation behind her mission to assist clients in downsizing, emphasizing the need for a thoughtful transition plan.

– Exploring future content, Mary discusses plans to address niche markets and help clients with international relocations, leveraging Liz Moore and Associates’ participation in Leading Realtors of the World.

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