Join us in this episode with Delisa Abraham as she shares her incredible journey from military service to leadership coaching.

Main Talking Points:

Lisa’s Journey from Military to Leadership:

  • Lisa’s background, starting in the military at 19.
  • Lisa’s initial motivation for joining the military and how it evolved.
  • Unforeseen leadership opportunities that emerged during Lisa’s military journey.
  • Transition from a summer commitment to a 14-year military career.

Discovering Leadership and Purpose:

  • How Lisa’s journey in the military unfolded.
  • Lisa’s initial focus on humanities in university.
  • The moment Lisa recognized leadership qualities in herself.
  • The impact of external support and mentors on Lisa’s leadership development.

Tips for Creating a Creative Space:

  • The importance of understanding the “why” in leadership.
  • Lisa’s journey of introspection and prayer for leadership guidance.
  • Releasing fear and self-doubt to embrace leadership.
  • The significance of speaking life-giving words.
  • Using music and empowering words to raise the environment’s frequency.
  • Connecting the conference experience to daily life.
  • Jeanne’s experience with music and candles in creating a positive environment.

Shifting Mindset and Aligning with Creativity:

  • The role of mindset in creating a creative space.
  • Recognizing and releasing negative thoughts and beliefs.
  • Addressing deep-rooted trauma and seeking support when needed.
  • The continuous transformation and evolution of one’s creative space.

Lisa’s Personal Experience with Creating a High-Vibration Home:

  • Applying the principles to Lisa’s home life and daughter’s upbringing.
  • Nurturing a child in a high-vibration environment.
  • Encouraging creativity and purpose in children.
  • The natural evolution of dreams and projects in alignment with the work.

Faith and Sparkles World and Upcoming Webinars:

  • The origin and purpose of Faith and Sparkles World.
  • Lisa’s coaching and support for entrepreneurs.
  • Monthly webinars on creating and transforming space.
  • Encouraging alignment, revitalization, and continuous high frequency.

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