What’s a power team and why do I need to build one?

A power team is a group of 4 to 6 people who are committed to building their businesses by helping everyone in the group reach their goals!  Doesn’t that sound amazing? Trust me it is!

Building a power team | Live Love MarketingA power team can give you so much more than you can ever put into words. They can give you very qualified referrals who are so sold on you they would never think to use anyone else.

They can also be an incredible resource for your clients and when you refer them you know your client will be very well taken care of. They provide moral support (we all get beat up or feel over whelmed at times and your group will help you through it).

You can each share your sales goals and can hold each other accountable to them.  Building a power team can take everyone in the group to the next level.

If you work with homeowners (ie: Interior Designer, Professional Organizer, etc.), here is a core list of people to consider for your power team.

  • Realtor
  • Handyman
  • Painter
  • Financial planner

You may find all of these people in a larger networking group that you belong to such as the Chamber, BNI or American Business Women’s Association. It’s important that your power team meets a couple of times and month and that you are clear on the purpose of the group.

As your relationships with each other grow you will find more and more ways to support one another. You will find creative ways to market and promote each other – ultimately giving everyone more leads.

Here are some things to consider when deciding if a person is right for your power team.

  • Are they trust worthy?
  • Do they want to build their business?
  • Are they open to sharing their sales goals and have accountability?
  • Do they use socials media?
  • Are they building a community of raving fans?
  • Do they consistently reach out (email or mail) to their community on a regular basis?
  • What networking groups are they a part of
  • What other marketing do they do, where does their business come from?
  • Do they believe that working as a team can help everyone (givers gain)?

To be truly successful, you really want everyone to be focused on marketing and sales. It’s important that you can leverage each other’s contacts. As you know Jeanne and I are big fans of email marketing. We believe in becoming a resource by providing our community with information that is valuable and helpful to them. After all, homeowners and soon-to-be homeowners need to be kept up to date on all kinds of information (here’s a link to a great post on effective email marketing).

If you regularly email 500 past clients and potential clients do you want someone in the group who has never kept in touch with their past clients? Remember, birds of a feather flock together and like attracts like.

Find people who can bring value to the group and are like-minded. You may be surprised that as the years go by, the power team often will become more and more like family. They will push you to do better, cheer on your successes and pick you up when life knocks you down. Each year you will challenge each other to grow as people and share a passion for building not only your business but for building each other’s businesses.

Go now and build!

Already part of a power team? Feel free to share your successes!

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