Best Small Businesses to Start From Home

Are you ready to start a profitable business from home? 

By the end of this video, you’re going to have two or three great ideas of businesses that you could start today. 

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Stay until the end of this video and we’ll have a list of 85 businesses that you could start from home.

Hi, my name’s Kirsten Graham with Six Figure Business Coaching and we help people just like you start and scale businesses to six figures. 

So whether that’s a $100,000 or $999,000 we’re here to help you make your dreams come true. Before we jump into the top 10 businesses that you could start from home today, I want to talk to you about the differences between running a business at home and actually doing the business from home. They’re very different. 

If you want to run a business from home, that means you’re going to do the bookkeeping and your marketing and things like that from the house, but you’re most likely going to go out into the world to do your client work. 

A great example of this is an interior designer. They go to their customers’ homes or offices to do their job. They may also be shopping in stores. They also shop online, which means they are doing part of their job at home, but they literally could not do the complete job at home because they have to go out and do client work. So that is running your business from home. 

Now, if you want to run a business and do all the work from home, that’s a little bit different.  So doing a business from home is something that you can do. You know, you do all your marketing and all your bookkeeping, but you’re also doing your client work from your house. A great example of that is a bookkeeper. 

A bookkeeper can do client work from home. They don’t ever have to interact with their clients because they can do that over the phone or zoom. And with technology it’s very easy to remote in and do all of their bookkeeping remotely. So you have to decide, do you want a business that you are running from home or do you want a business where you’re doing all of the work from home? 

So those are two big differences to consider. 

When I get a little bit more into the list, I’m also going to talk about either/or businesses. 

So for example, a photographer who has a studio in their home, they could have the clients come in, they take the photographs, they do all the editing, and they run the business from their house. They do the work from the house, they run the business from the house. However, a wedding photographer runs the business from their house, but they actually have to go to the venues and do all the wedding photography. So again, a photographer could be a completely home-based business where you’re doing everything from the house, or it could be a business where you’re running the business from your home but you’re going out into meeting your clients and doing your work outside of the house. 

So some businesses could be either/or and when I break down this list of 10 in this list, I’m going to tell you which category they’re in and why. Be sure to comment below and let us know… 

are you looking to start a business that you’re going run from home or are you looking to start a business where you can do all of the work from home? So be sure to comment below and let us know! 

These first few businesses are businesses that you run from home,  but you go out into the world and do the work. So of course we talked about in an interior designer earlier. 

So the same thing with the home stager. A home stager can run their business from home, but they’re going to go into the client’s home and stage it to get that home ready to sell. We also have businesses like a home inspector.  A home inspector can run their business from home, but they have to go out and obviously inspect the homes. 

Another great example is a wedding planner or an event planner.  They run their business from home, but they actually go out and run the events on site. 

Another hot industry right now is professional organizers. We have professional organizers who

specialize in working with moms who stay home and helping them get their homes organized, especially those who homeschool. We work with other professional organizers who specialize and work with business owners. They go into their offices and help them create great filing systems and organize everything that’s physical in their office to make running their business easier. So as you can see, those are some great examples of businesses that you can run from home, but that you’re going to go outside of the house to do the work. 

So our next category is businesses that you can actually run and do from home. Like we talked about earlier, bookkeeping. 

Bookkeeping is a great business that you can run from home and you can do everything from there. 

Another industry that’s fantastic is web design or graphic design. Again, you can work with clients anywhere in the country, heck, anywhere in the world for that, and you can do all of your work from home as well as run your business from home. 

A hot industry right now is video marketing, so if you have great skills on a computer, maybe you’d like to become a video editor. There are so many people out there looking for that service and it’s something you can do completely from home. So whether your clients are looking to add some videos to their website or to use videos as far as creating a YouTube channel and they need someone to edit that for them, video editing is a hot, hot industry right now and it’s something you can easily do from home.

So whether you have small children or you’re taking care of aging parents or perhaps for some reason you just can’t get out and about, video editing is something to consider. 

Another thing is a writer. If you have great writing skills, there are so many things you can do. You could be a ghost writer. You can do copywriting and that could be writing copy for websites or blog posts or articles. If you’re graded editing, you could be a copy editor. There’s also people who do – I think it’s amazing – they do ghost writing. Can you imagine having someone write a book for you? So if you love writing, that’s also a fantastic industry. Again, you can have clients anywhere in the world and you can do everything from the convenience of your home in your PJ’s if you want! 

Another great industry is affiliate marketing. 

So if you want something that you can do from home, you love being on your computer. Affiliate marketing is a great niche right now. This is where you promote other people’s products or services. It could be in any industry. So it could be software or technology, it could be cosmetics. So what you do is you sign up with these companies, they give you an affiliate link, and then you’re online all day marketing these affiliate links and earning commissions. 

So those are businesses that you can start and run from home,  but you’re also doing the work from home. 

The next category, are either/or. So earlier we talked about a photographer. A photographer who has a studio in their home can do everything from the house and a photographer that needs to leave the home, needs to go out and take the photographs and then runs the business from the house. So that’s one great example. 

Another industry that could be either/or is a personal trainer. We work with one trainer who has an entire gym in her garage. She lives in Florida and she also has a pool she can use that year round. She specializes in working with people who’ve been injured or who have had surgery. So she helps them do rehab work in her pool and then has them do weight training and cardio work in her gym. It’s in her garage. So again, as you can see, everyone comes to her and so she runs her business and she’s able to do her business from home. 

Now we have a couple of personal trainers who actually go out to their clients’ homes or they meet the clients in a specific gym. So as you can see, these businesses could be either/or. If you’re really serious about starting a business, make sure to check out our video on how to get your customers to pay up front. We will have a link that will either be here or over there, I can never remember where it shows up, but make sure to check that video out next. 

Now you have 10 great business ideas and you understand the difference between running a business from home or actually doing all of the work from home. But if none of these 10 businesses appeal to you, don’t worry. We have a list of 85 different businesses and we have broken them into categories, whether it’s run from home, actually do the work from home or it could be either/or. We have connected that link in the description below, so please take advantage of that free list and check out different businesses that you may want to consider starting. 

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