Best free software for passwords

Hi, this is Jeanne from Six Figure Business Coaching.

If you’re like most people you’ve got passwords. You’ve got  passwords to your online  banking. You’ve got passwords to your business online banking. You’ve got  passwords for your Spotify account. You’ve got passwords for Facebook. You’ve  got passwords for… You get the idea.

I know that in the past has been  very difficult to find a place to save all those passwords that was easy to  access. Some people I know even reverted to buying a book where  they could write all their passwords in. The problem with that is that passwords  change and you don’t always have your book with you, and so sometimes you find  that the password that was in the book isn’t really the password that’s correct  right now.

We found a resource that I  wanted to share with you that we use all the time. We know people who who have  very big online personas who use it as well and we’ve found it to be safe and  secure and it’s called It’s L-A-S-T-P-A-S-S.COM and it’s  absolutely free. You can sign up for an account and you can store all your  passwords on LastPass. They have an app for your phone so you can access  them there and you can also access them from any computer.

What you can do is  you go on there and you add a note and the note might say your  username and your password and you can put them in different categories. You can  separate your personal stuff from your business stuff. You can even have it  fill in things online if you often buy let’s say you buy from Amazon a lot, you  can have it automatically fill in your payment information so that you don’t  have to do that each time you go back.

Take some time today and check out  LastPass and then maybe this weekend go ahead and pull together all those  different passwords in all those different places and get started on  LastPass. Then each time you find you’ve got a password that wasn’t in  there you can go ahead and add it until it’s full of everything that you  need. Then all you need to remember is the one password for LastPass.