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Growing Your Business

Growing a business is really about building relationships with people. It’s about achieving your goals whilst fulfilling the needs of others. It’s about working at what you love, making a difference in other people’s lives and earning what you are worth.

It’s the satisfaction of knowing you guided someone through a complex process with ease and grace. You walk away knowing they are ecstatic and are singing your praises to all who will listen. You have built a relationship that can last a lifetime. There is no doubt they will send friends, family, colleagues your way because they know you will take great care of them.

We are here to help you attract those perfect clients, to make those sales transactions happen, and to develop strong relationships built on trust. Our goal is to equip you with the tools, education and support to stay top of mind, earn what you are worth and still have a balanced life. Yes, you can work at what you love, earn great money and still be able to spend time quality time with family and friends and even have personal time for you!

Why us? Because we are business owners just like you!

What Makes Us Unique vs. other companies?

We are marathoners not sprinters in business. But it’s interesting that the marathon mindset really isn’t our natural state. We are both naturally, what the Kolbe personal assessment people would call, ‘quick starts.’

Quick Starts are change makers who have vision and add risk to the mix. Because they instigate the unusual, people who operate in the initiating zone of Quick Start are natural promoters and entrepreneurs.”

Kirsten is our resident sales specialists and non techie team member (although she’s learning!). She has amazing talents for truly understanding where an entrepreneur is in their career and what are the necessary steps to get to their goals. She has amazing vision and spirit. She is truly an optimist and a motivator.

Jeanne is our tech-geek who also loves marketing. If there is a new, online tool or app that can make our lives easier – she will find it and teach us how to use it. She is also an approachable cheerleader with creative vision.

We are also both business learning junkies. Over the years we have read, listened to and experienced hundreds of hours of business growth from some of the best and smartest people in the business. We have taken all the learning we have done (and continue to do) and have condensed and simplified it our online courses and training as well as personal business coaching.

We are often met with a sign of relief from our clients who had trouble understanding and implementing complex, jargon-riddled business growth information as we have simplified it for them.

“I learned more in your $50 course than in an $800 one I took from [respected national organization]! You should have taught that class!” ~Steve B.

This is not a get-rich-quick scheme!

But it is a get rich plan!

Our goal is to help you:
  • Set long and short term realistic goals
  • Setup a budget and financing that works for you
  • Put together systems & process that save you time and money
  • Strategically market your service business in just the right places
  • Find the right people who need your service
  • Ensure you are taking good care of yourself physically and mentally to be the best you can be!

In order for you to give your best,
you need to be your best, inside and out.

It doesn’t happen overnight, but taking strides every day towards your goals and feeling your best is where it’s at.
We truly believe your success is our success.
We want you to celebrate what you have already accomplished and set yourself and your business up for future successes.

So join us on this journey to better health, happier feelings, great relationships, and a more profitable business

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Six Figure Business Coaching is designed to empower entrepreneurs in service-based businesses to grow their business while enriching their lives.

We believe that their are six steps essential for continued success and growth in any industry:

  1. Smart goal setting
  2. Proper handling of your finances
  3. Setting up smart systems & processes
  4. Strategic marketing
  5. Exceptional sales techniques
  6. Healthy mindset

We help entrepreneurs merge the latest technology with traditional marketing through practical application. By becoming a true resource, we help our clients set themselves apart from their competitors, solidifying their relationships beyond the transaction.

Our mission is to educate our ideal clients on effective marketing, setting and achieving business goals and manifesting a happy, abundant life.